Thursday, May 21, 2009

A quick video of the area.

Hi everybody, there was more rain overnight but some of the flood waters have started to drain away. This video shows views across our back paddock and over to the riding for the disabled horse paddocks. The forecast is for another 200 mm today so we are all hoping that the forecast is wrong!

As you can see, it isn't much of a paddock but more of a lake. Three of the horses are still missing and are presumed to have been swept away, with several of the recovered horses suffering from fractures, lacerations and shock. The tack and feed rooms were underwater so there will be a big day of cleaning up for the RDA volunteers.

I have been helping by giving cuddles to the team to keep their spirits up. Bye for now - Murphy.


Jenny said...

well lets hope the water drains away quickly

alex said...

Wishing you plenty of sunshine!
Warm hugs all around- to help get you through the recovery period.