Sunday, May 27, 2012

GAP Family Walk May

Hi Readers, its was another beautiful autumnal day for the GAP family walk today. Prancer, Eddie and Ozzie headed off with Mum and Dad to Carindale to meet up with everybody else while I stayed at home to keep an eye on things.

There was a greyt turnout and everybody really enjoyed getting together for a walk and talk (humans love talking, have you noticed?). Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures -

Greyt to see such a terrific turnout of greys and their owners.
 Marissa who was there with Tabbi gives Honey a pat.
This is why flatmates should all be from the same state! Rocky shows his true colours for the State of origin series.
On the walk with some of the pack.

The handsome Jay Jay cools down after the walk.
Former house of hound foster Sally was there with her family.
Target Acquired. Prancer keeps an eye on the small fluffies that were disturbing the peace on a Sunday morning.
Honourary greyhound Cilla was there.
As was her sister Mini who has forgotten her sunglasses.
Sam and his human Kristy came up from the Gold Coast for the walk.
I have warned Eddie about eating things he finds on walks. He says he ate some mushrooms and can't remember much after that.

Anyway Readers, now that Mum and Dad have arrived home I can sign off from my caretaker duties and go back to having have a snooze in the sun. Everybody is looking forward to the next months walk. Bye for now - Murphy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

RSPCA Million Paws Walk - Samford

Hi Readers, The GAP greyhounds attended various location for the Million Paws Walk today and Mum, Dad and my brothers went to the Samford walk. We had beautiful weather which started off chilly but quickly warmed to be another greyt autumn day in Queensland.

We had a terrific turnout of proud hound owners and all of the hounds behaved so well that we got a lot of positive comments from the crowd. I hope you enjoy the photographs - 

This must be the great part of the RSPCA's "All creatures great and small". Peace, love and rainbows baby!
 Some of the early arrivals for team GAP.
 Two cheeky birds with their owner were there.
This lucky pooch escaped the tube of doom at the agility display.
Cousin Ollie was there to promote his PADS Agility  school.
Catching up with old friends.
 Um, not a greyhound but very friendly regardless !
Tibby catching some rays on a cool morning.
 Barry spies the sausage sizzle being held by the local fire brigade.
 Aw, everybody needs their Mum to help them look their best sometimes.
This chap who is part wolfhound dropped in to visit the greys.
The bobbing for cats* activity proved very popular before the walk kicked off.
Can you start a walk with a taser, what happened to a starters pistol?
And the walk is on, 4kms around the lovely village of Samford.
The GAP team looking good.
"Its my turn to be in front, no its my turn". We might be retired but we still like to be the lead hound in a race.
 Former house of hound favourite Mini walked with us.
As did this little guy.
 Yours truly cooling off at the half way point.
 "Hey, stop hogging the clam bath!".
Ozzy, Eddie and Tibby cool off on the return walk.
 Bailey cools his belly after the walk.
"All right, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up". I think I look rather distinguished here.
Ozzy, Tibby and the team discuss what a greyt day they had while waiting for their lattes. 

* No cats were sampled tasted consumed harmed during the walk. 

Well Readers, that's it for today as Eddie, Ozzy and I are all overdue for a snooze. Thanks to all the greyhound owners who attended and to all the well wishers who stopped us to talk about GAP. Boo to the lady who pushed her pram away from us with a scared look in her eyes, hopefully she fell into a nest of small fluffies and learnt her lesson. Cheers to the RSPCA staff and the Samford locals who made us feel very welcome. Bye for now - Murphy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet Ozzie

Hi Readers, please meet Ozzie who is fostering with us as he needs some TLC.

He is a lovely fawn boy with good manners who sticks closely to Mum and Dad wherever they go (not like big independent me!) .

I hope you enjoy the pics -

 Ozzie taking it easy in the back yard.
 Who wouldn't love a face like this?
Ozzie has a bit of that Captain Jack Sparrow eye-liner thing going on. Its not my thing but each to his own.
Despite all his play bowing the funny looking dog in the back paddock wouldn't join in. Tia looks on in mild amusement.

Well, that's it for me on this labour day public holiday. I'm off for a snooze. I hope that my fans will come to see me and the other hounds at the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk at Samford on 20 May.