Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia Day Walk.

Hi Readers, I'm not impressed. Just because I have a sore paw I was not allowed to go to the GAP walk this morning. I wasn't going to comment until dad mentioned that me having dinner was dependent upon me posting these photos. So here we go -

Some of the team getting ready to walk.
Gina, Narelle and Liz with their hounds.
Launching the greys using the dual purpose boat and hound ramp.
Amongst the mangroves with Haley and Cody.
Getting ready to paddle.
Blake and Bully were first in.
Are those imperial walkers in the background?
The hounds having fun as the tide goes out.
The Kracken is released. Eddie is like a gremlin, never get him wet or feed him after midnight.
Helen, Tanya and Sharon testing the water.
Teddy, Ozzy and Jim trying to see who can wet their humans the most.
Michelle and hounds.
 Mum with Eddie, soaked but happy.
And then somebody yelled "shark".
 The walkers hoping they wore drip dry clothes.
Drying off after the walk. The hounds dried in record time today, we really are wash and wear pooches
It can only be the lovely Bella the whippet.
Brother Teddy proved again that three legs can get into just as much trouble as four can.
The beach was popular with all sorts of creatures today. These guys are almost as handsome as we are.
Cafe confusion. The GAP team entertained the locals today with our well behaved hounds and owners.
Eddie with Keely waiting on their drinks.

Thanks to the good people at Pam's Cafe 88 for making us feel welcome this morning. Sharon talks greys with a couple of Lycra types at the cafe.

Well Readers, I hope you enjoyed the photographs. On the plus side, Eddie, Ozzy and Teddy all had to have baths when they got home so I was happy about that. Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Australia Day

Crikey Readers, it is the Australia day long weekend already. That means three days of walks, BBQs, swimming and cuddles. What more could a hound wish for?

Brothers Ozzy, Prancer and I modelling our swaggy hats in the bush.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember, always give your greyhound at least two cuddles every day. Bye for now - Murphy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Homer

Hi Readers, brother Homer recently turned 11 and I thought that he deserved a little special treatment.

Homer has always been a sun bunny but I don't understand why he prefers to lay on the concrete rather than a nice bed. Oh well, we'll flip him over when this side is done!

Well Readers, I'm off for some birthday cake. I might even have to help the old boy blow out his candles! Bye for now - Murphy.