Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Boy From Oz

Hi Readers, click on the picture to watch Todd McKenney talk about his greyhound fostering, his own adopted greyhounds and his love for the breed.

Bye for now - Murphy. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Samford Show

Hi Readers, The GAP team headed out to Samford for their local show this weekend. Although the weather was looking bleak, the crowds improved so that we were able to dish out lots of greyhound love to my public.

I hope you enjoy the pics -

T'was a cold and rainy morning as we set up.
Possibly the only warm people at the showgrounds.

Chatting about hounds.
Prancer reaches out and touches someone.

Me getting some pats.

Bubble boy was there.

April greets some visitors.
Ariel with her dad.

Prancer all kitted out.
"Why the long face?" Ariel and I ready to go.
Mechy moo was on the stand next to us.

 Sally has a snooze in the GAP vehicle.
Prancer wins more fans.

"Sure that's a fine greyhound you have there English". The Amish express leaves for town.


 April with Madeline.

I get some lovin' from some visitors.

Madeline gets caught napping. 

"What do you mean break is over?"

Prancer cuddles up to two Young hound fanciers.

"Murphy, look at me, look at me". One of my fans goes to extreme measures to attract my attention.
The rare meat eating lamb was on display at the show.

Somebody thinks he hears some beef jerky packets being opened by Lyndsay in the stall next to ours.
 "Don't taser me bro". The officer on the right goes for his stun gun when this guy interrupts my security team's morning tea.
 All tuckered out and on the way home after two hard days of laying about working hard.

A big thanks to Lucinda, Dianne. Andrew and Madeline for their help over the weekend. Anyway, it must be time for a snooze. Bye for now - Murphy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Harry Gets His Forever Home

Hi Readers, we have had Harry staying with us this weekend as he is being adopted tonight.

Harry is a lovely fellow, very friendly with us all and he loves a good play. He is even getting along with Honey the cougar which is a rare thing indeed.

Harry the toy collector at work!

Playing with Hope who has been digging to China.

Harry snoozes with the cougar after his garden games.

Anyway Readers, I'm off for a Sunday afternoon snooze before Harry's new Mum arrives to take him home. Bye for now - Murphy.