Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Everybody

Hi Readers, I wanted to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. Please stay safe, drive carefully, keep your hounds away from all the Christmas nastys like fruit mince pies, chocolate macadamias and booze (Humans, good advice for you as well!). Remember to tell your hounds and humans you love them everyday because you don't know what tomorrow may bring.

Thank you for all your love and support during the year and I'll see you in 2014.

Mum with me, my family and some of our hounds looking for homes.
Until 2014 - Bye for now - Murphy ❤.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

GAP Twilight Walk

Merry Christmas readers, the GAP family meet at Decker Park for a twilight walk last night. It was a beautiful cool evening after a hot summers day. The tide was out so we could walk across the sand banks and everybody had a greyt time having a paddle in the tide pools.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Dad's camera ran out of memory so he used his mobile for some of these shots.

Me all ready with my glow stick as the sun sets. Party on dude!

Some of the early arrivals for the walk. Love the glowing red collar on the lovely fawn hound.
Mandela going in for the cuddle.
Milo with his glow collar in place and raring to go.
Ernst with brother Ozzy. Thanks to Ernst for lending a spare hand to walk Ozzy.
 The lovely Bree glammed up and showing off her Christmas best.
Ollie stopped in to say hi with Niff, Tabby and the lovely Jess.
Milo saying hi to his hound friends.

Team Partridge ready to go.

Greyhound Christmas parade complete with glow sticks.
Ozzy and Mandela on the beach waiting for a paddle.
Mum with aunts Liz and Sharon with Ozzy, Teddy, Eddy, Hayley and Rock.

The gang post walk. Thanks to Stuart Crisp for this photo taken in very low light.

Thanks you to everybody who attended and bought their humans along for the walk. My fellow hounds and I are so grateful to have the GAP team of Gail, Mum and Leah looking after us all. The GAP team are looking forward to an even bigger 2014 finding more forever homes for our brothers in paws.

Until next year - Merry Christmas and bye for now - Murphy <3.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

GAP Family Walk

Hi Readers, Dad, Ozzy and I attended today's GAP Family walk (Mum was at the kennels doing another adoption - yeah!). We went to Captain Burke Park at Kangaroo Point  and had a greyt walk with almost thirty hounds and their families.

Despite starting the walk at 7:30 it was still very humid but we had a lot of fun and attracted a lot of positive attention as the locals wanted to chat about greyhounds and have pats. The price of fame, I suppose!

One of Brisbane's little free river ferries arriving at the Holman street pier.
The original ferry terminal from way back when. The new terminal is through this structure.
A view of the 1 km long Story bridge that most people don't get to see.
Some of early arrivals for today's walk staying cool.
Me looking distinguished in the early morning sunlight.
Jack making new friends. He is such a lovely excitable lad!
Brother Ozzy ready to go.
Team Trish arrives for the walk.
Ahoy there matey! - one of the artworks spotted during the walk.
I suspect that there is an impostor amongst we greyhounds.
Talking about GAP to a local resident.
I wonder what the the poor people are doing today?
Tia cooling down with a quick dip in the river.
Tabby taking a rest post walk.
"Aw, we should have got greyhounds instead of these yappy things!"
Most of today's walkers on the boardwalk.

Thank you to everybody that attended today's walk. Dad took Ozzy and I for a treat afterwards and the man at city farmers gave us some jerky too - yum! Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.


Hi Readers, I had a foreign body in my paw pad which I had removed yesterday. I was very brave and dad bought me a treat afterwards which I really enjoyed.

I should be back to my old self in a few days. Thank you to everybody for their kind regards.

Bye for now - Murphy!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Canine First Aid Course

Hi Readers, brother Eddie and I got volunteered to help out at GAP's first ever first aid course for canines.

It was a great success and covered a wide range of topics all designed to help your pooch until you can get them to a trusted veterinarian. There are more courses coming up soon so I'll probably "volunteer" Teddy to help out at the next one. Sara and Mandela were also drafted into help and we all did a greyt job in our joint roles of victims/models.

"I said canine, not equine!". This big guy is used to teach basic anatomy to jockeys. "The hay goes in the front end" , that sort of thing.
Some of the horses stabled at Deagon getting some exercise. It was lovely to see them after they were hosed off as they are almost as perfect in form as a greyhound is.
Me with my, um, ass in a sling!
Sara with aunties Gail and Leah helping out in a demonstration.
Me helping in a bandaging demo. Just in time for my Halloween costume as well.
Then it was Manny's turn  to help out. I don't recall getting treats?
Dad with Eddie. Eddie is hoping Liz will save him from whatever is going on.
Eddie decided it wasn't all bad after all and decided to take a snooze.
Me after the class was done watching the horses strut their stuff.

Thank you to Leah, Gail and Mum for putting on the course and thank you to everybody who attended. And of course, thanks to Sara, Mandela and Eddie for helping me out as super models for the day. We also did an adoption right after the class so it was all go for me. Until next time, yours in bandages - Murphy. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

GAP Memorial Walk

Hi Readers, we had a different kind of walk today. We gathered to remember our friends and pets that are no longer with us. It was late afternoon and we met at the Redcliffe jetty and cast flowers into the ocean for our loved ones.

The far end of the Redcliffe jetty was our destination.
Aunty Jenny lead the way ...
.. and the rest of us followed one by one. Here is Mum throwing in a flower for my lost brothers and sisters.
The current quickly disbursed the flowers but they were a pretty sight on the ocean waters.
A lone flower on the ocean.

Well Readers, I'm off to contemplate the meaning of life, remember my family and be grateful that the GAP greyhounds have Aunty Gail and Mum to help them find homes now. And of course its almost dinner time so I'll contemplate that as well. Bye for now - Murphy.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Dogs Qld All Dog Sports Spectacular

Hi Readers, this weekend the GAP team headed out to the Dogs Qld Durack showgrounds to participate in the All Dog Sports Spectacular. There was breed judging, fly ball, lure coursing, dancing with dogs, agility, earth dogs and heaps more. It was also a very hot weekend with temps around 36 degrees Celsius (96 Fahrenheit - blah).

I hope you enjoy the photographs -

 The event was run by Dogs Queensland.
Me looking alluring at the start of day one.
Teddy has mastered roaching in his cool coat. Here he is is flirting with a visitor to the stand.
Aunty Gail with GAP's new recruit Manny the Border Collie. Cute isn't he?
For once Teddy was on the receiving end of the puppy teeth.
I got so many pats over the weekend. I love meeting the public and talking about GAP.
 A couple of poodlesque visitors to the GAP stand.
 This little apricot girl was a delight and was so well behaved.
There were heaps of sight hounds there so we felt right at home. Check out this lovely afghan.
This English bull terrier was a handsome dog and a crowd favorite.
Cleo the borzoi was there as well. She was cuddling Dad so I was a little jealous (but don't tell him).
 Waiting for judging in the fluffiest tails category.
The synchronized dog stacking event was also very popular.
The biggest guy at the show.
The griffons came in as runners up in the most likely to cause chaos category...
.. while the dachshunds were the clear winners again.

It was brother Eddie's 3rd birthday today so this big blue boy dropped in to wish him well.

 Did I mention it was really, really hot this weekend?
Teddy was as cute as always and won over everybody from kids to seniors with his antics.
Another of our neighbours cooling off under a tree after a hose down.
Aunty Gail rapping about GAP with Jessie James (no really!).
A slight technical issue on day one of the lure coursing ...
... was soon fixed. Look at her go!
 Um, did I mention it was hot?
Eddie and Manny flaked out after a big day of meeting and greeting.
 Teddy being cute!
Mum helping us model our cool coats. We had these on most of the time.
Mother and daughter cuties. Its not all about work you know people!
The dalmatians were well represented over the weekend.
 And cool coats were the order of the day across all breeds.
This french bulldog quickly surrendered to having its whiskers trimmed.
Teddy and friend.
A few visitors chatting about greyhound adoption through GAP.
After two long and very hot days it was time to head home.

Well Readers, I'm off for a snack, some electrolytes and a good lay down before dinner. Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.