Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pirates and Princesses Get Together

Hi Readers, it was lovely to catch up with our local city Councillor Victoria Newton and the canine community at Boondall this morning. There was a pirates and princesses theme but the pirates far outweighed the princesses!

"Perform a u- turn when possible"! I knew we shouldn't have let Eddie drive.
 Eddie kitted out for the day.
"If I eat these skulls I will be even scarier" says Lucy.
 "Ahoy there Coco!".
Captain Greybeard at your service.
 Seriously, stay off my bed!
 Coco was the perfect pirate queen.
Crystal dropped by for a drink and a cuddle.

Victoria with Mum and the pirate crew.

Well Readers, I'm off for a snooze new to dream of canon fire and buried treasure. Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pet barn Family Fun Day

Hi Readers, the junior promo team have just arrived home from Petbarn at Rothwell and didn't they have a lot of fun! They said they got heaps of pats, there was a canine fashion parade featuring small fluffies dressed as bikini girls, pumpkins, ballet dancers and formal wear.

The lovely Maddy also made her promo debut, winning many hearts and new greyhound fans.

I hope you enjoy the photos -

The old stock of human pups was heavily discounted but weren't selling well.
 Miley getting some cuddles from an admirer.
A greyt rainbow of colours on the runway.
 As soon as the store opened the guys went to work smooching the public.
Maddy kept trying to sample the merchandise but no stock was lost.
Nice try kid but its no blue steel says Loki.
 Miley showing her greyt focus and sitting skills.
These young fellows wanted to kidnap all the greys but had to settle for pats instead.
Maddy working the crowd.
A lovely photo of two young fans with Lucy and Maddy. The greys took over the catwalk (!) post fashion parade for snoozes.
A rare time out in the greys busy cuddle schedule.
 Young or old, Maddy smooched them all!
"We weren't doing anything, butter wouldn't melt in our mouths". Likely story!
Bat dog was there to watch over us.
As you can see, Maddy loves her treats. What a great ambassador for GAP she is.

A big thank you to Marnie, Dad, Jess and Sandra for helping out at our Petbarn promo today. Hugs to all the hounds - Loki, Tibby, Miley, Lucy and Maddy.Well Readers, I must go and further debrief the promo team and see what else I can find out about today's fun. Until next time, bye for now - Murphy.