Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello Dolly

What goes pad, pad, pad, clunk, pad, pad, pad, clunk?

Well in this case, its our new foster Dolly who joined us late last night.

Dolly was a rescue as her owner had wanted her euthanised as she had broken her toe. Honestly, she is 18 months old and a total darling - why are some people allowed to keep dogs? Anyway, she is safe now thanks to our vet Cass and the good people at GAP.

She is settling in well, loves a cuddle and her dinner and will make somebody a loyal companion for life - Go Dolly.

Guess who just got a treat, look at that tongue go!

Time for a nanna nap after snacks.

I just hope she doesn't stand on my paw with her cast. Bye for now - Murphy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi Readers, I get a lot of people tell me that they find it hard to get a nice Martingale Collar for their hound. I found this Aussie site on the web so check it out at Barkin Dogs.


Bye for now - Murphy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dust Storm!

Well, didn't we have some fun in Brisbane yesterday. A huge dust storm that was in Sydney headed northwards for 1000kms or so and landed in Brisbane. Reports say it was a once in 70 year occurrence.

These pics were taken at a few minutes before midday yesterday looking out over downtown Brisbane.

Downtown Brisbane.
The south east freeway and Brisbane river are down there somewhere.

Ready for the next one. Now, where is my respirator?

I'm off to see if I can turn back to being a black hound again rather than a reddish brown one - bye for now Readers - Murphy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blast From The Past

Hi Readers, its Dad's birthday later this week so I thought I'd share this photo of him when he was a pup with you.

This picture was taken last century on something called a "film" camera. It shows Dad with his first dog Karl. Lets see now, good coat, fine snout and ... OMG! ... what happened to his legs?, I thought he was laying down ... oh ok, thanks Homer. Homer tells me that his legs are supposed to look like that.

Anyway, I guess it goes to show that Dad has been fond of dogs for a long time now (A very long time, he he).

Have a great week Dad. Bye for now - Murphy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hi Readers,we took this video last night at the house of hound. As you can see it looks like those suspect movies people have to show that UFOs are visiting the earth.

Of course, we all know that dogs were put on earth years ago by aliens and that when they return we greys will be the overlords of the planet (just ask your nearest Pharoah and he'll tell you the same thing).

I, for one, welcome our new sighthound overlords.

As it turns out, it was the F111 flyover after the fireworks last night so no ruling the world just now. Keep watching the skies - Murphy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Brisbane, Lock Up Your Hounds

Hi all,this is a reminder to all Brisbane hound owners to make sure you lock up your hounds tomorrow night before the fireworks start.

Dad snapped this pic of an F111 fighter during its practice run for Saturday night. It doesn't look scary now, but when its going at almost mach 1 with its afterburners on its a sight to see.

All this with tons of fireworks set to a rock music soundtrack - How much can a hound bear?

Bye for now - Murphy

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Technical Problems

Hi Readers, a few of you have emailed me to say that you can't see the photos I posted on facebook because you don't have facebook accounts.
I must apologise as I thought that when they said share with anybody they meant anybody rather than anybody with a facebook account.

Anyway, here are links to the pictures from my last two posts that you might have missed. Please let me know if you still cant see them.

GAP Foster Carer Induction Pictures

GAP Foster Carer Walk Pictures

Bye for now - Murphy.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hi Readers, today was the day for the GAP Carer's get together at Loganholme. After some early rain, the day turned into a fine spring day.

It was great to meet everybody including some new foster parents. We greys took over the dog park and had a lovely time having a run. We then had a BBQ lunch and it was sausages all round for the hounds.

I hope you enjoy the photos (there are a few greyhound impersonators in the photographs, see if you can spot them!).

After my failed raid on the esky at the Foster Carer's Induction day (see my last post), I was determined to not make the same mistake again.

Persistence was rewarded with treats and sausages!

Bye for now - Murphy.