Sunday, May 31, 2009

Greyt Massage Sessions

Hi everybody, GAP was lucky enough to be asked to provide some greyhounds for the students of Dr Elaine Cebuliak to practice their remedial massage therapy on (that's another thing Greyhounds are really good at, laying around and being pampered).

Being used to the good life I immediately volunteered Homer and I for both sessions. There were lots of other Greys in attendance including Ruby, Jaydee, Buttons, Jack, Charlie, Lacey, Millie, Gracie & Curly. I hope you like the following pictures.

Homer gets a relaxing treatment from Maxine.

Maxine realizes how tightly wound Homer is and calls in reinforcements.

Homer finally goes all Zen on us.

You didn't really think I'd forget a picture of myself did you? Team Murphy works on the main attraction of the day.

Homer trying to steal attention away from the main attraction.

Bye for now Readers. I'm off for a stress relieving body wrap and warm stone treatment. A celebrity has to look his best at all times you know!


GRACE said...

Nothing like being in the "zone" is there Murph. Mama J is going to put a photo on facebook of Jaydee doing an impersonation of Yoda reincarnated as a greyhound. I howled myself silly when I saw it

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

How cool! We are providing greyhounds for some acupuncture training over the next year. The students don't use needles, but as a thank you the teachers will give acupuncture treatment to those that need it. Sign mine up! I'll be there with 6!