Sunday, March 29, 2009

Social butterfly!

Another day, another social engagement!

Today was our March Dog Luvers walk. To prove that I am not totally greyhound centric the Dog Luvers is a walk for all breeds (although we greyhounds are well represented amongst the pack and are clearly the superior animal).

The walk was around the beautiful University of Queensland's St Lucia campus and it was a lovely day for a stroll by the lake and over the green bridge to Dutton Park. It was much cooler than yesterday and there were lots of geese, swamp hens and ducks for us to, well, admire from a distance.

We also met Fawn who is a blood donor greyhound at the University's vet science department. She was a little growly at first but quickly changed her mind and tried to stow away in one of our cars to make her escape. She was a lovely dog and she was in very good condition. Perhaps she will come into the GAP programme one day and visit the house of hound as a foster.

Many thanks to the good people at Wordsmith's cafe for accommodating us today. The food was great and the service was fast.

Dog Luver's take over Wordsmiths

We got a lot of comments on our good behaviour today ( I guess they are used to uni students disgracing themselves at meal times)

A nanna nap after our walk.

See you later Readers - Murphy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

2009 Caboolture Pet Expo

It was off to Caboolture today for the 2009 Pet Expo. We got visited by heaps of people including my friends Lilly & Jasmin. Lilly, Jasmin and their Mum Jody have been guests at the house of hound to see if they would like to adopt a greyhound.

We had a good day although it was very hot. Mum, Dad and the rest of the GAP team were kept busy with heaps of enquiries while my foster brother Oscar & I were on hand to dish out plenty of greyhound lovin' to the visitors to our stand. I even scored some free samples of dog food so I had a great time being patted and fed. Oh, the life of a star! I hope you enjoy these photos.

Lilly, Jasmin and Danny Boy

Mmmm ... Cavies!

Me given some Greyhound lovin' to a couple of my fans!

Has anybody seen that toy poodle that was here before?

The GAP team spreading the word.

Oscar finds time for a snooze at the end of the day.

This is Murphy signing off for now. Bye readers.

Dr Harry Part 4

Hi Readers, here is the final installment of Dr Harry's guide to approaching hounds. Will the human pups finally get it right?, Will I disgrace myself on stage? Where is my dinner? The answers to all these questions will be revealed. Love to all - Murphy.

Dr Harry Part 3

Hi Readers, here is part 3 of Dr Harry and I explaining the finer points of approaching a strange dog.

Bye for now, love Murphy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dr Harry Part 2

Hi Readers, I have been inundated with requests for more Dr Harry so people can find out what the human puppies did wrong. I now present part 2 of the story with part 3 to follow shortly. Enjoy! (and take heed of good advice).

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Greytwalks at Shorncliffe

Hi everybody, today was another beautiful Queensland Sunday and it was off to Shorncliffe on the bay for another Greytwalks. Here are some pictures of the Greys and their humans enjoying the day.

If you are wondering about the scar on my side then my big boofy foster brother Oscar is the guilty party. We were playing chase when he gave me a love nip. I've got antibiotics for a week but otherwise I'm fine.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How embarrassing!

How embarrassing! Here I am on stage with my friends Naomi from GAP and Dr Harry and I was filmed wearing those silly wings that they put on me as part of the Greyhounds are heaven sent promotion (I don't know the names of the human pups as they were randomly selected from the hundreds who are members of the Murphy fan club).

We are doing a demonstration on the correct way for human pups to meet strange dogs. I must apologise for the quality of the video as Dad was kneeling on a concrete floor with no tripod and the sunlight was streaming in behind me (thats his excuse anyway). Anyway, all went well and Dad was very proud of me for behaving with all the noise and lights about.

Afterwards I was rewarded with a massage from my Mum for being a good boy. Bye for now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Darwin was right!

Hi Readers, I overheard Dad telling people at the Petacular how gentle greyhounds are and that they are the worlds biggest sooks. He has even commented, rather unkindly, that the greyhounds ability to run at 60 kilometres per hour proves Darwinian evolution is correct. He says that our speed is a heightened flight response that evolved to allow greyhounds to flee anything they find scary (like baths, small fluffy dogs and worming medication).

So much for him! I am posting these photos that were taken yesterday to prove that Greys can be just as big and bad as the next dog. I would even go so far as to say that Dr Evil and his sharks fitted with frikkin laser beams would hide from me. These photos confirm the existence of Pulse Laser Equipped Greyhounds (or PLEGs for short)

I think I have proved that I shouldn't be judged on my sweet loving nature alone and that a real bad ass is just under the surface. I even fancy that I look like that other famous dog shown below although I don't have a cape (yet).

Anyway, I must be off to my next adventure now. For owners of a PLEG, I would offer the following advice -

- Always treat your PLEG as loaded
- Do not point your PLEG at anything you don't want toasted.
- Keep your PLEG safely stored when not in use

And the most important thing to remember is to always give your PLEG loads of treats to keep him in a good mood!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 Petacular at the RNA Showgrounds

Today my foster brother Oscar and I attended the GAP stand at the Petacular at the RNA showgrounds in Brisbane. This years theme for GAP was Greyhounds Are Heaven Sent . We all donned our halos and wings, received our final instructions and then the crowds arrived. Lots of greyhound cuddles for everybody followed with Oscar being a big hit at his first promotion.

I got to go on stage with my friend Dr Harry for a presentation to the crowds on canine safety for children. I was on stage with GAP volunteer Naomi while Dad took the pictures and movies of the presentation (Keep watching the blog for more postings). After my stage appearance I was recognised as I moved around the show and had to spend time giving cuddles to all the new Murphy groupies as I can't sign autographs too well. Dr Harry said I was a beautiful boy with a lovely physique but I knew that already. Bye for now readers.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Honourary Greyhound

Hi readers, I just have time for a very quick post as I'm dashing off for dinner (Mmmm ... dinner) of some pictures of my little sister Cherry with some of our fosters and myself. She is a great little sister and gets on well with all of the Greys although she does get trodden on sometimes, like at dinner time (Mmmm ... dinner).Which reminds me, I must go and see what is in my bowl tonight (Mmmm ... dinner)