Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ruby Shirley Gets Her Forever Home.

Our sweet little foster girl Ruby Shirley went to her forever home today. We will miss her and her cuddles at the House of Hound but we know she has gone to a lovely family who adore her already. James made her a lovely welcome card and gave it to her when we all met up this morning at Fairfield.

Ruby Shirley aka Miss Allison aka Dimity Jane Midnight Velvet with her forever family. The big grey is Dewey.

They love her so much that they bought her a young lad called James to play with.

Ruby lets James onto her new bed.

Greyt Massage Sessions

Hi everybody, GAP was lucky enough to be asked to provide some greyhounds for the students of Dr Elaine Cebuliak to practice their remedial massage therapy on (that's another thing Greyhounds are really good at, laying around and being pampered).

Being used to the good life I immediately volunteered Homer and I for both sessions. There were lots of other Greys in attendance including Ruby, Jaydee, Buttons, Jack, Charlie, Lacey, Millie, Gracie & Curly. I hope you like the following pictures.

Homer gets a relaxing treatment from Maxine.

Maxine realizes how tightly wound Homer is and calls in reinforcements.

Homer finally goes all Zen on us.

You didn't really think I'd forget a picture of myself did you? Team Murphy works on the main attraction of the day.

Homer trying to steal attention away from the main attraction.

Bye for now Readers. I'm off for a stress relieving body wrap and warm stone treatment. A celebrity has to look his best at all times you know!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Magical Murphy's Levitation Illusion

Here is a little magical illusion that I used at Brookfield to amaze my fans. All you need is one blanket and an audience. Keep all four paws on the ground and hey presto, instant magic. How do I do it? A good magician never tells!

ABC's GAP story

Hi everybody, here is a link to the Greyt GAP story that the ABC produced on adopting greyhounds. I hope you like it. Bye for now - Murphy

Cute, aren't I?

Introducing Ruby Shirley

With all that's been happening around here lately, I have neglected to introduce our new foster. Meet Ruby Shirley who is the latest foster at the House of Hound. She is four years old and a very sweet girl.

Although her full name is Ruby Shirley (somehow related to Ellie May from the Clampett clan?) we know her as Ruby, Rubes or Rubylicious. She will make a great addition to her forever family (As long as they don't own chickens or piglets!) Bye for now - Murphy.

Ruby charms the crowds at Brookfield.

Thank you

Hi everybody - Mum, Dad and everybody here at the house of hound would like to say thank you for all your kind words since last Wednesday. They were all very much appreciated. Bye for now - Murphy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Homer gets his forever home!

Homer has been adopted and is now with his forever home. It just so happens that his forever home is here at the house of hound. Mum & Dad said he is almost as lovely as I am and that they couldn't think of parting with him.

Homer was so happy to hear this that he went on a bender when he got the news. He really should know better than to pass out when I am around as photos of indiscretions have a way of finding a way into the public domain. He really should be more careful as "somebody" may accidental shave off one of his eyebrows.

I have to go wash the shaving cream off my paws so I'll see you later readers.

A hungover Homer!

Those could be anybody's paws!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A quick video of the area.

Hi everybody, there was more rain overnight but some of the flood waters have started to drain away. This video shows views across our back paddock and over to the riding for the disabled horse paddocks. The forecast is for another 200 mm today so we are all hoping that the forecast is wrong!

As you can see, it isn't much of a paddock but more of a lake. Three of the horses are still missing and are presumed to have been swept away, with several of the recovered horses suffering from fractures, lacerations and shock. The tack and feed rooms were underwater so there will be a big day of cleaning up for the RDA volunteers.

I have been helping by giving cuddles to the team to keep their spirits up. Bye for now - Murphy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Of drought and flooding rains

The house of hound was inundated today when one of the largest rain depressions in years moved across south east Queensland.

Mum got home in time to rescue the goats and our old house cow whose heads were just above water when she arrived home and then swam out to rescue them. We lost some of our much loved chickens who drowned when the waters rose so quickly.

Sadly, the riding school next door is missing three of their horses and we've heard that the other riding centre in Burpengary has lost several of it's horses. The RSPCA has bought their boat out to help rescue the animals and the wonderful vets from Dayboro Vets are treating the wounded in the driveway which is the only place with dry land at the moment. We greys were very lucky to be inside but were scared that the waters would keep rising.

Our pool will take some work to restore and I hope our Insurance company will assist us in a speedy resolution to our claim.

As Dorothea MacKellar says in her poem - "I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of drought and flooding rains" bye for now - Murphy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brookfield Show Final Day

It was our last day at the Brookfield show today so we headed off early to help set up our display.

We were still near the pig racing however they had a different singer today who sang a mix of Australiana, American Swamp Rock and some 70's classics. Even though I am more Clapton than Cassadaly I thought it was much better background music today than yesterday.

There was another good turn out at the show today with lots of enquiries for the GAP volunteers and lots of lovin' from the Greys. We are all looking forward to a bit of a sleep in tomorrow as we only got about five hours worth of snoozing today with all the fans on site. The cattle judging was also on today and their calling kept us awake.

Here are some photos of the team that I hope you'll like.

Greyhound One was back in the air today.

My escort awaits.

Jess & Leanne text each other in excitement about my pending arrival.

Jaydee loves children (but can't finish a whole one).

Kirsty teaching Angel in lapdog 101.

Princess Wiza - "Help me Obi-Wan, you are our only hope"

Emperor Homer fears no Jedi.

Wiza joins the "I am so not piglet safe x 10" club.

A treat for all the good work I did over the weekend.

Catch you all later Readers - Murphy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brookfield Show Day 2

Hi everybody, it was back to Brookfield today for day two of the show. As Brookfield show grounds were enforcing a no fly zone today I had to go cattle class with Mum & Dad. I wasn't happy about that at all.

One new thing that happened today was that we had the pig racing team set up next to us and they ran races all day (as if a pig can race!). Anyway, to get the crowds in they also had a girl singing both kinds of music for the crowd (Country & Western). As I am more Johnny Rotten than Johnny Cash it made for a long day. She wasn't a bad singer but there is only so many times you can have your heart broken by a cheatin' low life man and not wise up. The porkers also made a lot of noise and kicked up heaps of dust so I am going better prepared tomorrow.

Anyway, we met some lovely potential adopters so it was a greyt day for GAP. I hope you enjoy the pics below.

Traveling Cattle Class to the show.

A note to Ruby Shirley's forever family - Ruby Shirley is NOT piglet friendly x 10

Winners of the pig racing.

The, um, losers!

One of my many young fans at the show.

Me showing my style.

Ruby Shirley encounters something weird on one of her promotional walks around the grounds.

I'm ready for the noise and dust tomorrow. I'm still trying to get the dust out of my snout.

See you all later Readers - Murphy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 Brookfield Show

Today was the first day of the Brookfield show so it was an early start for us this morning.

Mum, Dad and Homer drove over but I arranged a better form of transport to avoid all those pesky peak hour delays. You can see my arrival below. It was great to see all the GAP team again and we will be at the show for the next two days as well. I hope you enjoy the photos of our day out.

My arrival at the show grounds. Its the only way for a V.I.G to travel.

My support team at work.

The Greys doing what we do best!

Our new foster Ruby Shirley meets a colourful ship of the desert.

The second fastest animal at the show trying way to hard to be cool.

Me Chillin'

Something for the ladies!

Bye for now Readers - Murphy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Whats all this then?

Murphy asked me not to show this picture but I think it is very sweet as it captures a tender moment between him and Jaydee. He is worried about his reputation but I told him it doesn't hurt to show a bit of his sensitive side.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

K9 Capers at Wynnum (aka Attack of the killer ants)

Hi everybody, today Homer, Dad and I headed off to Wynnum for the Brisbane City Council's K9 capers.

It was a lovely day by the bay and heaps of people turned up to see us. The only problem was that the Council seems to assign us to an area that is full of Greyhound seeking ants. They were everywhere and we all got bitten. In the end we had to take refuge in Aunty Leanne's car to get away from them. After that... well check out the photos below for the story.

Meet Angus, he is GAP's new official small fluffy testing dog. He is very sweet and gets on well with all the hounds.

Homer, Angus & I try to avoid the ant swarms.

Homer pulled his dew claw off during evasive manoeuvres trying to avoid the ants. Many thanks to Anne from Wynnum Bayside Vets for patching him up.

Charlie gets sick of waiting for us to do something about the ants and decides to leave. Lets see, is it blue wire to brown wire or blue wire to red wire?

Charlie has sorted the wiring out and was off. I hope Leanne's car insurance covers act of Greyhound.

We eventually left the ants to seek other victims and hope that the BCC does something about the ants before our next K9 capers. Where do I lodge my compo form? See you next time - Murphy.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chilly Autumnal Nights

Now that the chilly autumnal nights are upon us, we Greys are starting to feel the cold. Here is a picture of my brother Homer and I in our coats that Aunty Suzanne made for us.

I wanted the army coat to maintain my tough guy persona but I ended up with the soccer ball coat. I wasn't too happy about this until Dad told me that Posh made one for David Beckham and it looks just like this one. I guess if its good enough for Becks its good enough for me! Bye for now readers, I'm off for a kip.