Sunday, May 24, 2009

Introducing Ruby Shirley

With all that's been happening around here lately, I have neglected to introduce our new foster. Meet Ruby Shirley who is the latest foster at the House of Hound. She is four years old and a very sweet girl.

Although her full name is Ruby Shirley (somehow related to Ellie May from the Clampett clan?) we know her as Ruby, Rubes or Rubylicious. She will make a great addition to her forever family (As long as they don't own chickens or piglets!) Bye for now - Murphy.

Ruby charms the crowds at Brookfield.

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Aragon greyhounds said...

I just watched Murphy's swim series. I also bought my greys life vests but they don't like the water!! I couldn't keep them in the pool. Murphy seems much more calm than mine.