Monday, August 23, 2010

Dog's Day Out

Hi Readers, GAP was at the Dog's Day Out run by the Redlands shire council. Prancer and I headed off with Mum and Dad to Capalaba and enjoyed a day with lots to see and do topped off with great weather.

I hope you enjoy the photographs -

 Set up and ready to go.
 Honourary greyhound Muffins joined us on the stand.
The delicious sounding Licorice and Muffins take a break.
The human pups needlessly exert themselves on the climbing wall.
Ranger Tim spoke about keeping koalas safe from dogs (although the way the little buggers growl during mating season it should be the other way round)
 A dachshund waits for chance to cause mischief.
 This big guy dropped in to say hi.
It looks like the Avon lady hasn't called on this girl's home in a while.
The change to digital television has got a lot of people confused about what equipment they need.
This hairy chap and his Dad won the pet and owner look alike contest (or was this the owner?)
 A furry and his friend on the way to a party*.
A tense first meeting that ended well.
 Scully gets some back chat from this border collie pup.
 Tabi takes a break in his flash new crate.
 Super girl Scully flew in for the costume contest.
As did Belle the princess. "I'm a lady" she explained later.
Vet Cam Day judges the best costume contest but clearly has eye trouble as the greys didn't win. The muzzled grey is a race dog, not a GAP hound.
Prancer attempts to tell Marissa that his Mum never feeds him but she isn't falling for that old hound trick.
This furry came to the stand bearing gifts but realised too late that greyhounds just love big stuffed toys.
It's only funny until someone gets hurt... then it's hilarious! *
Prancer catches up with his friend Andrew from the RNA show. Andrew was telling his friends how great I was at the time.

Anyway Readers, I must be off. Drop in and see me at the Gold Coast Pet Expo on September 4th and 5th. Bye for now - Murphy.

*(No furries were hurt in the making of this blog)

Monday, August 16, 2010

2010 RNA "Ekka"

Hi readers, what a busy fortnight we have had. Mum has been running the GAP greyhound lounge at the Brisbane RNA show and did a great job. We are all exhausted now but we had a great time meeting people and showing them what great pets we are.

It was also great to see some old friends at the show. We caught up with Gemma and her collie Stirling who placed third in his class, Serenah from Serenah Photography Design dropped in to see Mum and Dad and we had a lot of fans from last year drop in to visit me and catch up.

My favorite day was the "hound" day when all breed of hounds were being judged. What fine fellows we hounds all are! We also got to meet a Mexican hairless dog which are very rare in Australia. My least favorite day was "small fluffy" day when the toy dogs were being judged. The yapping and general din was terrible and all those wee pooches with small dog syndrome led to a lot of scraps around the place. We greys are above all that as you will see in the pics. The old dog pavilion is notoriously hard to photograph in so I apologize for Dad's poor picture standard (that's his story and I won't question it as he gets my dinner for me).

This big fellow was very friendly.
Cami checks out the cranky crate.
Sometimes its all just too much!
Ha ha, Prancer has a teddy, Prancer has a teddy.
One of my personal assistants carries me back to the car.
Caffeine and cuddles help Mum to get through the day.
Princess fills in for a young fan's security blanket.
The cranky crate isn't just for hounds. Mitch takes five away from the crowds.
Franky spots a mullet hair style in the crowd.
"These are not the droids you are looking for". Loki uses his Jedi mind skills to avoid sharing the lounge.
I do some ear exercises to stay fit.
Our friend and greyhound owner Gemma in the ring with her collie dog Stirling.
Bowie attempts to warn a human pup that there is something on her back.
Gypsy looking cute.
Jay Jay doing his bit for our sponsors Advance.
Jay Jay feels that there is something not quite right about this fellow. A big hello to our stand neighbours from Guide Dogs Australia and their PR dog Iggy.
Prime Minister Julia points out her favorite attraction at the exhibition while moving forwards on the campaign trail.
Why the long face Lola?
Well, its not called the greyhound lounge for nothing you know.
Cuddles for all is our motto (along with Semper Fidelis, of course). Lola and I chill out.
An attempt on the world record for hounds on the lounge in public is underway. Better call the Guinness book of records people.
An outtake of Prancer at the advance stand. Treats were involved!
The final picture of my adopted brother doing his thing.
Marnie and Princess showing the non greys how its done in the obedience demonstration.
Amex the iggy spent a day with us on the stand. We had to explain that he wasn't a greyhound puppy!
This big guy was cute but soggy!
One of the show greys tell me he would rather be at the GAP stand getting adored by the crowds like I am.
Frankie comforts another young show goer.
Nobody has told Rennie that greyhounds aren't considered lapdogs.
Our foster greys stick together for support.
Marissa and Karen talk hounds while Tabi and Frankie listen in.
Crowds flock to our stand and call their friends to join them.
A disqualification from the toy section leaves the ring a shattered pooch.
More disqualifications followed shortly afterwards.
Somebody opened a tin of dachshunds and things went downhill from there!
Anyway Readers, I must go and have a snooze now. Until Next time - Murphy.