Thursday, August 20, 2015

Murph's Magnificently Massive Ekka Extravaganza

Hi Readers, the team at the house of hound are back from ten fun filled days at the the RNA Queensland show, also known as the Ekka.

We were in a new location this year and were very close to the horses and cattle so we made a lot of new friends.

Here we go -

Packed up and ready to go.
Azalea the iggy was there (get it?)
A big cuddle between Ryan and his hound.
Luckily all our passes were in order.
At least somebody on our lounge was awake.
I think we need to review our security budget. Meet Max the lovely chihuahua that dropped in to say hi.
Yours truly staking my claim on the couch.
A lovely pic of my fans - I bridge generations!

Bandit thinks that kid is walking just a little too fast to be innocent.
Kitty is such a pretty girl and greyt at meeting the public.
Teddy taking five.
Eddie feeling the love.
 This guy reminded me of somebody ...
... Nordberg from police squad.
Teddy modelling our new vests. Doesn't he look snazzy.
Pixie the fourteen week old greyhound puppy visited us on sweepstakes day and was immediately cuddled by all.
Teddy with some new fan club members.
We hounds just love the strawberry icecreams at the ekka. The stand was just outside the dog pavilion, hurrah!
Hey, how did this photo of me get in here?
Bandit and Bree showing off their synchronized snoozing techniques.
People say dogs and their humans look alike. Can't see it myself.
Someone has had a very big day at the show.
Cherry the foxy visited us and Wanda scooped her up for a cuddle. Cherry is deaf but full of beans and has excellent focus.
It was Barry the guide dog's 6th birthday and he invited us to share his bacon and cheese cake.


Barry thought because we are lean machines we wouldn't scoff the lot. Sorry Barry.
 Another lovely iggy ready for judging.

Sometimes little sisters come in handy.

Brother Eddie hoping to score some of dad's sandwich.
My tripod brother Teddy was a hit with the crowds. I think he is handsome but would never tell him that.
A snazzy hat and a pillow pet, what more could a greyhound want?
Marlin was pretty relaxed after placing in the greyhound sweepstakes.
Maddy loved her first Ekka and the crowds loved her.
Of course, I was the crowd favorite with my distinguished good looks, like a greyhound George Clooney.
Double trouble for the team. Cute heh?
 One pooped puppy.
Kids, what are you going to do when they pinch your pillow?
Do I chase it or let it pat me?
Positions on the couch were scarce and hotly contested.
This big guy got the full beauty treatment every day from mane to hoof.
Someone has been watching too much alien.
 Snorkels for a young fan.
Two princesses with lovely facial markings.
Listen, do you smell something?
 Maddy loved this lady and the feeling was mutual.
 Ozzy and a new friend taking five during a busy day.
"Boy, am I going to be sore in the morning" thinks this human pup.
Lucy giving a special friend a cuddle.
An escapee from the Ekka's famous new life centre were city kids can see lambs being born.
Colleen with her hounds.
 Mum with Lucy having a special mother daughter moment.
Oh no, the foxy puppy is back again and on my bed.
 A couple of pretty showgirls.
My fans are very dedicated and go to any length to please me.
 Mmm. soft serve served in a coffee cup. Yummy.
So glad I didn't need a good hose down every morning to look my best.
Arriving back at the stables after competing in the show ring.
 Ozzy doing the greyhound secret sign.
More kiddie cuddles.
I have almost convinced this officer he needs a greyhound partner to share doughnuts with.
 Um, horse riding for beginners?
We were all trying to identify that breed of yellow dog that visited us.
 "OMG U shd C da Greyhnds, they rock"
This lady was vision impaired so she checked us out by touch. We snuck in a kiss to remember us by.
This young lady won tickets to the Ekka by naming a greyhound and was thrilled to meet me the real thing.
Fireman and Calendar boy Chris was there and raised the ladies temperatures a few degrees. All fireman calendar proceeds go the the children's burns unit, such a good cause.
Clearly a GAP fan club member.
I found this cake in the decorating competition, it was delicious!
The family planning people took things a little too far this year.
The winners of the Rally O competition held on the lasy Sunday of the show, This border collie got his human around the ring without him making any errors.
Ghost rider, Dagwood dog on stand, repeat, dagwood dog on stand.
We got a ticket for being too cute.
The dead were rising to see us. Love a good zombie movie when dad lets me watch one.
 Dad and Teddy having a special moment.
I feel a presence is near to me.
Appa showing that smile, love this photo.
 Maddy welcoming Liz to the Ekka.
She is such a cuddle tart and was so well behaved.
Hey, I'm having a shower here!

Well, what do we have here?
 Going down the rabbit hole.
Lucky I am always prepared.

Did I do that?

Anyway readers, I must be off for a snooze. We all loved being at the Ekka and showing the public our fun and gentle natures. See you all soon, Bye for now - Murphy.