Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peninsula Animal Aid Fund Raiser

Hi readers, it was off to Kroll Gardens today to help raise funds for the local animal aid charity. It was a a very hot morning with thunderstorms likely later in the afternoon. There were heaps of people and dogs there and we had a greyt time.

I hope you enjoy the pictures -

Aunty Gail with one of GAP's test dogs. Meet Cole the coolie.

These hounds paid us a visit.

This big guy decided that our water dish was the place to be.

Jaydee with Tina the small fluffy.

 "So what, I like Buzz Lightyear ok?"

Big Wally with a little visitor.

 This big bruiser was there.
Jaydee wonders how humans got to be the dominant species?
Eddie gives out some lovin'.
The PAA girls ran the BBQ. I don't remember Dad's BBQ catching on fire and almost taking out his car. He must have been doing it wrong.
This young whippet pup sped in to say hi.
There was something not quite right about this critter.

The lovely Miley was all smiles today.
Me catching 40 winks (Due to the heat, of course).

Anyway Readers, after Prancer's radio interview and our visit to the park today I'm off for a snooze. Bye for now - Murphy.

GAP Radio Interview

Hi Readers, Aunty Gail and Prancer were interviewed yesterday, you can hear the interview by clicking here which will take you to the facebook link.

Anyway Readers, I must be off. Bye for now - Murphy.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Petbarn Underwood Weekend Promo.

Hi everybody, the GAP team was at Underwood this weekend for the Petbarn fun days.

Heaps of our south side extended family showed up to say hi and many, many sausages were BBQed and consumed - even the humans got some. GAP raised heaps of money, Aunty Gail got to meet more of our adopters/ foster families and I got fed a steady stream of treats so its all good.

I hope you enjoy the pictures -

 Visit Petbarn for all your hound related needs.
 A plug for the GAP team.
Eddie in his bandanna ready to go.
 Me scoffing down a pilfered goody from the store.
I kept a close eye on Dad as he manned the BBQ over the weekend. He couldn't have done it without my supervision. 

Mum and Hope talk hounds with a visitor to the stand.

Mum tries using treats to train Hope into thinking children are great. Dad says she tried the same thing on him with the same result!

Me having a special moment.

 Aunty Gail gives Eddie a snuggle.

Hope takes some time out from her children brainwashing training for a hug.
Bree and her family dropped in to say hi.

 I introduce Eddie to Bree who I met at the ekka.
Many, many hounds and their happy humans.

 I get a neck rub from a visitor to the stand.

Belle putting on a pretty face for the camera.
Belle's friend Kyle was there as well.
The friendly fellow was on the south side dog obedience display next to ours.
 This labraoddle poodlenoodle doorapoo curly guy was there.
Eddie gets a pat from a passing family.
Elyse the vet nurse from the Deagon surgery was there to promote the proplan line of hound food.
Spotted on the loose inside Petbarn.

Me checking out the range of snacks on sale this weekend.

Eddie realises with horror that the last sausage has been sold.

Well Readers, after two days of being fed, cuddled and pampered I need a long nap to recover. GAP will be at Kroll Gardens at Kipparing next Sunday so please drop in to say hi if you are nearby. Bye for now - Murphy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Must Love Dogs Spring Promo

Hi Readers, today Aunty Gail, her son Jordan and the house of hound team headed out to Ferny Grove for the must love dogs fun day.

It was so hot today which was completely different to yesterdays rain and cool temperatures. I hope you like the photos -

"I mean, who doesn't love us?"

Ariel dropped in to say high.

Me posing with a young fan.

 This little guy paid us a visit.

Me rocking the GAP neckerchief.
Eddie gets some loving.
This is Charlie's local park and he was happy to test out the dog beds.

The horror - like something from a nightmare the small fluffies didn't settle all day and then pretended they could race. LOL!
 "I'll have you Jimmy!". Hope decides to pounce on Dad as he tries to take a photo.
Mission accomplished, Hope smiles for a photo.
 The team find the small fluffies off camera very amusing. Betsy is muzzled as she is still undergoing her assessment.
 Chatting about hounds.
 "What on earth are those things?" asks Betsy. She had no interest in these two visitors whatsoever.

Star smiles for her picture.

Bailey the whippet chills out in the hot weather.

The complete set - Iggy, Whippet and Greyhound all together.
This young man kept the water dish topped up.

Anyway Readers, I'm off for a lie down in the cool and then perhaps a little dinner. Until next time - Murphy.