Friday, May 22, 2009

Homer gets his forever home!

Homer has been adopted and is now with his forever home. It just so happens that his forever home is here at the house of hound. Mum & Dad said he is almost as lovely as I am and that they couldn't think of parting with him.

Homer was so happy to hear this that he went on a bender when he got the news. He really should know better than to pass out when I am around as photos of indiscretions have a way of finding a way into the public domain. He really should be more careful as "somebody" may accidental shave off one of his eyebrows.

I have to go wash the shaving cream off my paws so I'll see you later readers.

A hungover Homer!

Those could be anybody's paws!


IHateToast said...


GRACE said...

Mama J nearly peed her pants when she saw what you tried to do to Homer. She won't stop laughing. now you be a good brother. Casa Greyhound is back to 2 greyhounds now. Popeye left last night. Hope to see you guys sometime soon

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Very cute! :-) Congratulations!


greytgirl said...

Congrats to Homer, couldnt have found a better place to shack up at!

thebellagreyhound said...