Sunday, May 3, 2009

K9 Capers at Wynnum (aka Attack of the killer ants)

Hi everybody, today Homer, Dad and I headed off to Wynnum for the Brisbane City Council's K9 capers.

It was a lovely day by the bay and heaps of people turned up to see us. The only problem was that the Council seems to assign us to an area that is full of Greyhound seeking ants. They were everywhere and we all got bitten. In the end we had to take refuge in Aunty Leanne's car to get away from them. After that... well check out the photos below for the story.

Meet Angus, he is GAP's new official small fluffy testing dog. He is very sweet and gets on well with all the hounds.

Homer, Angus & I try to avoid the ant swarms.

Homer pulled his dew claw off during evasive manoeuvres trying to avoid the ants. Many thanks to Anne from Wynnum Bayside Vets for patching him up.

Charlie gets sick of waiting for us to do something about the ants and decides to leave. Lets see, is it blue wire to brown wire or blue wire to red wire?

Charlie has sorted the wiring out and was off. I hope Leanne's car insurance covers act of Greyhound.

We eventually left the ants to seek other victims and hope that the BCC does something about the ants before our next K9 capers. Where do I lodge my compo form? See you next time - Murphy.

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