Sunday, February 8, 2009

The First Greytwalk of 2009!

Saturday was the first Greytwalk of 2009 and my foster brothers and I were raring to go. We headed out to Kookaburra Park at Karana Downs on another hot summer afternoon. A lot of our friends were there and after the walk we decided to cool off in the river. We certainly attracted a lot of attention from the water skiers and fishermen when we entered the water.

We are looking forward to the next walk at the Botanic Gardens next month! Bye for now - Murphy.

PS - Would the greyhound that "borrowed" the jet ski please return it to the Karana Downs boat ramp as its owner is getting concerned.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thylicine sighting??

As we all know, the last Thylicine died in captivity in the 1930s after being hunted to extinction in the wild. Or did it ? This photo was taken by Dad this morning in the wilds of Burpengary. It could also be the rare Homersaurus in its native environment. The insert picture is from the Tasmanian museum and is shown for comparison. You decide - cheers - Murphy.