Sunday, November 24, 2013

GAP Family Walk

Hi Readers, Dad, Ozzy and I attended today's GAP Family walk (Mum was at the kennels doing another adoption - yeah!). We went to Captain Burke Park at Kangaroo Point  and had a greyt walk with almost thirty hounds and their families.

Despite starting the walk at 7:30 it was still very humid but we had a lot of fun and attracted a lot of positive attention as the locals wanted to chat about greyhounds and have pats. The price of fame, I suppose!

One of Brisbane's little free river ferries arriving at the Holman street pier.
The original ferry terminal from way back when. The new terminal is through this structure.
A view of the 1 km long Story bridge that most people don't get to see.
Some of early arrivals for today's walk staying cool.
Me looking distinguished in the early morning sunlight.
Jack making new friends. He is such a lovely excitable lad!
Brother Ozzy ready to go.
Team Trish arrives for the walk.
Ahoy there matey! - one of the artworks spotted during the walk.
I suspect that there is an impostor amongst we greyhounds.
Talking about GAP to a local resident.
I wonder what the the poor people are doing today?
Tia cooling down with a quick dip in the river.
Tabby taking a rest post walk.
"Aw, we should have got greyhounds instead of these yappy things!"
Most of today's walkers on the boardwalk.

Thank you to everybody that attended today's walk. Dad took Ozzy and I for a treat afterwards and the man at city farmers gave us some jerky too - yum! Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.


Hi Readers, I had a foreign body in my paw pad which I had removed yesterday. I was very brave and dad bought me a treat afterwards which I really enjoyed.

I should be back to my old self in a few days. Thank you to everybody for their kind regards.

Bye for now - Murphy!