Thursday, January 26, 2012

Its Raining Again

Hi Readers, south east Queensland including the house of hound has been hammered by extreme rainfall over the last two days. While we are all fine (just a bit soggy), roads are cut, a lot of people have been flooded and needed rescuing from their cars and homes.

While its stopped raining today, more rain is expected tomorrow so we are all hoping that the forecast is wrong.

Cutlet is pleased to see her paddock is no longer underwater.
Dad worked from home to make sure we greys stayed safe and dry. Prancer helped him out the only way he knows.

Just near the house of hound.

Anyway Readers, it is Australia day after all so I'm off the throw a soggy shrimp on the BBQ.

Until next time - Murphy.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello Readers, brother Eddie has broken his toe while having zoomies in the back yard.

Mum and Dad took him to the vet with me along for moral support. They helped to xray him and then Dad helped the vet to sedate Eddie and put a cast on his leg. He is back home now, still very groggy and talking about alien abductions or something. Anyway, his leg should be fine in a month or so.

A sleeping Eddie away with the pixies.
Awake and back with us.
We all signed his cast for him.

Anyway Readers, I must be off to see if I can comfort brother Eddie (and pinch the treat Mum and Dad got for him).Until next time, bye for now - Murphy.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012 Everybody.

Hi Readers and a very happy new year to you all. We headed off to Brighton today to celebrate the new year with a walk and play in the ocean. It was a lovely morning, not too hot but great weather for a paddle. It was also low tide so we could wade out onto the sand banks.

I hope you enjoy the pictures -

An arty opening shot to set the scene.
This fine equine left soon after he realised he wasn't the fastest creature at the beach anymore.
Wally and Homer pre walk (or is that Homer and Wally?)
 The hound pack out at sea.
Pumpkin decides Aunty Leanne isn't wet enough and takes steps to remedy the situation.
Jayjay and Pumpkin cooling off.

Aliens amongst us? The stingrays soon left for quieter realms once the hounds arrived.
Tabs takes Marissa for a splash.
Air Sea rescue was on hand (they must have heard about my buoyancy deficiency issues. Oh the shame!)
The Krakens have been released! Or is it just Hope and Eddie?
Many hounds and their humans.
Can't afford a ski boat? Just buy a greyhound instead.
Marnie and her pack pose for a photo.
"Release the hounds!"
Eddie practices his photo bombing (front and centre).
A paddling Prancer and friends.
Happy memories are made of this.

Well Readers, I hope you get everything you desire and deserve in the coming year. Stay safe and always cuddle your hounds before you leave them.

Until next time its bye for now - Murphy (this damn sand gets into everywhere!).