Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brookfield Show Final Day

It was our last day at the Brookfield show today so we headed off early to help set up our display.

We were still near the pig racing however they had a different singer today who sang a mix of Australiana, American Swamp Rock and some 70's classics. Even though I am more Clapton than Cassadaly I thought it was much better background music today than yesterday.

There was another good turn out at the show today with lots of enquiries for the GAP volunteers and lots of lovin' from the Greys. We are all looking forward to a bit of a sleep in tomorrow as we only got about five hours worth of snoozing today with all the fans on site. The cattle judging was also on today and their calling kept us awake.

Here are some photos of the team that I hope you'll like.

Greyhound One was back in the air today.

My escort awaits.

Jess & Leanne text each other in excitement about my pending arrival.

Jaydee loves children (but can't finish a whole one).

Kirsty teaching Angel in lapdog 101.

Princess Wiza - "Help me Obi-Wan, you are our only hope"

Emperor Homer fears no Jedi.

Wiza joins the "I am so not piglet safe x 10" club.

A treat for all the good work I did over the weekend.

Catch you all later Readers - Murphy.

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alex said...

How do I love your Greyt post?
Let me count the ways...
Jaydee loves children- but can't finish a whole one- rofl!!
Angel is my kind of lapdog!
Emperor Homer---oooh scary!
Wiza is BEAUUUtiful!
Thanks for sharing.
My verification word is "cowit"
Would that be cow-it or