Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hi Readers, everybody here at the house of hound would like to wish you a very merry Christmas. We hope you have a safe, peaceful and wonderful festive season with your greyhounds and bipedal family members.

Until next year, bye for now - Murphy and the team.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pirates and Princesses Get Together

Hi Readers, it was lovely to catch up with our local city Councillor Victoria Newton and the canine community at Boondall this morning. There was a pirates and princesses theme but the pirates far outweighed the princesses!

"Perform a u- turn when possible"! I knew we shouldn't have let Eddie drive.
 Eddie kitted out for the day.
"If I eat these skulls I will be even scarier" says Lucy.
 "Ahoy there Coco!".
Captain Greybeard at your service.
 Seriously, stay off my bed!
 Coco was the perfect pirate queen.
Crystal dropped by for a drink and a cuddle.

Victoria with Mum and the pirate crew.

Well Readers, I'm off for a snooze new to dream of canon fire and buried treasure. Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pet barn Family Fun Day

Hi Readers, the junior promo team have just arrived home from Petbarn at Rothwell and didn't they have a lot of fun! They said they got heaps of pats, there was a canine fashion parade featuring small fluffies dressed as bikini girls, pumpkins, ballet dancers and formal wear.

The lovely Maddy also made her promo debut, winning many hearts and new greyhound fans.

I hope you enjoy the photos -

The old stock of human pups was heavily discounted but weren't selling well.
 Miley getting some cuddles from an admirer.
A greyt rainbow of colours on the runway.
 As soon as the store opened the guys went to work smooching the public.
Maddy kept trying to sample the merchandise but no stock was lost.
Nice try kid but its no blue steel says Loki.
 Miley showing her greyt focus and sitting skills.
These young fellows wanted to kidnap all the greys but had to settle for pats instead.
Maddy working the crowd.
A lovely photo of two young fans with Lucy and Maddy. The greys took over the catwalk (!) post fashion parade for snoozes.
A rare time out in the greys busy cuddle schedule.
 Young or old, Maddy smooched them all!
"We weren't doing anything, butter wouldn't melt in our mouths". Likely story!
Bat dog was there to watch over us.
As you can see, Maddy loves her treats. What a great ambassador for GAP she is.

A big thank you to Marnie, Dad, Jess and Sandra for helping out at our Petbarn promo today. Hugs to all the hounds - Loki, Tibby, Miley, Lucy and Maddy.Well Readers, I must go and further debrief the promo team and see what else I can find out about today's fun. Until next time, bye for now - Murphy.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Hi Readers, the house of hound residents would like to wish all the hound adoptive and foster dads and granddads out there a very happy Father's day.

Lucy wishes her granddad a very happy father's day.

We love your work. Until next time give your dad a hug - Bye for now - Murphy.

Monday, August 18, 2014

We Loved Being at The RNA Ekka

Hi Readers, I have just spent ten days at the RNA Ekka along with Mum, Dad, our wonderful GAP volunteers and their humans along with ekka trainees from the house of hound.We have been told that 60,000 humans attended the Ekka on people's day alone with 380,000 visitors overall.

We have had thousands of pats and cuddles, made a heap of new friends, caught up with old friends and generated a heap of inquires for the GAP program.

Ekka - where the city meets the country (and we greys meet everybody!).

We always said hello the the parking lady as she made us feel so welcome.   

Ozzy showing off his official security pass. They took a little bit of time to arrange but they did keep the riff-raff away.
Ozzy posing in the "love" garden near the dog pavilion. I promised I wouldn't tell what else he did in there.
At last, a bi species sign that explains the rules.

I think we need these signs everywhere...
... as it was so busy, especially in the dog pavilion.

There were many complaints received from the hounds regarding the lounge. There were issues with size, fabric, comfort and depth.
Mum did some presentations in the ring explaining the great work I GAP does for we greyhounds.
Mum with Teddy, Zuma zooming and Teddy and Lucy showing their focus skills.
The very handsome Marlin took out best neutered dog and Show champion in the neutered category. Lots of GAP greys also got awards which was fantastic to see.
Dad and me in the ring during a demo.
I spend a lot of time people watching during the Ekka but here I am taking a five minute power nap during the day.

Lucy clowning around on one of the pianos scattered throughout the grounds. It was no Rachmaninoff but it was still pretty good.
There was a very strong cow theme this year. Here is Teddy watching one of the ring events.
The ekka has an animal live birthing display each year as well as heaps of poultry exhibits. Over 100 lambs were born at the show this year with hundreds of city kids traumatized fascinated by the experience.
Mum with Missy Moo the 12 week old greyhound puppy. We think Bandit would have looked like this when he was a lad.
Bree showing her profile.
Ozzy practicing his flirting.
Ditto with Lucy.
Prancer modelling his green jacket. The drawing in the background is based on him so he feels very special.
Testing out the lounge, modesty mode disengaged.
Bandit being interviewed for a school assignment.
Bree chilling out with a GAP fan. Been there, bought the T shirt etc.
Aunty Gail introducing Prancer to two young ladies.
Bandit and friend.
I wonder if these human pups are the source of the sticky bits in my coat?
Pranny working the crowd.
A couple of cuties from one of the local schools.
Minnie's fan club is growing quickly.
Mum swears that she did not go to the cattleman's bar for lunch before this was taken.
The Eddy and Teddy show was very popular.
Security breach - Eddie finds the sandwiches we thought were out of reach.
Carli enjoying one of the ekka's famous strawberry ice creams.
Queensland Rail rolled out its new high tech train for the ekka!
So many children and so many cuddles.
Eddy on a meet and greet.
Mum with Lucy who did very well at her first ekka.
Bree discussing fashion with a young show goer. You should never go Chihuahua before spring.
A lovely peaceful place to be in an otherwise hectic showgrounds.
Sue read the greyhound characteristics brochure to Ozzy as he dozed off...
... to dream that he was being patted while he slept.
Some of Bandit's colourful fan club.
Lucy getting tender pats from this young lady.
This has nothing to do with anything really but Prancer asked that I include it. I think its good that they list the ingredients in case you have a food allergy.
Lola smooching one of the show stewards who dropped in each day to visit.
Lola getting a treat from a sun safe guest.
A little to the left please.
Piggy with David from RQ and Piggy's dad Michael.
Yours truly with a young frozen fan.
Shaun wanted to come in and say hi but was worried about the border collie issue.
Ekka Ted bear visited us and posed with Zuma.

Ribbon winners Marlin and Zuma with some of their fan club.
This assistance dog dropped in for a drink and a rest before taking his owner around the rest of the show.

As did the fire ant detection dog between demos.
Lillee getting cuddles.
This little man loved meeting the greyhounds.
I have been thinking that I need a mascot for some time now. I'm not sure which regiment he is with but isn't he handsome (you know, for a ram).
I'm not sure how these two avoided the ban on gang colours but they seemed nice enough.
Nothing like a finger pressure massage to pep you up when you are tired.

We found that laps make good pillows when away from home.
I love this pic of the kids first touch of a hound.
Massage is good but a nice cuppa is always a winner.
Me snoozing with Ozzy during one of the few visitor lulls.
Queensland transport minister Scott Emerson dropped in to say hi to Mum and Ozzy.
Eddy's fungal problems don't seem to be clearing up as quickly as he had hoped.
Aunty Gail and Mum horsing around on the way to the pavilion.
One of our favourite police teams dropped in to say hi.
Lucy rugged up and zoned out during a break.
Sebastian was overcome with emotion when he met me. It is a common reaction.
The $2.00 cheese toasties are always popular with hound and human alike.
Coco doing a little yoga to relax during her first ekka display.
Eddie practicing his touch work with a new friend.
Lillee with a bumble bee clad visitor.
The rain on Saturday didn't stop these two gents from paying us a visit.
Teddy and Lucy enjoying a snack.

I've posted this video so everybody can see how busy we get and how well our humans handle the noise and congestion at a major promotion.

Well Readers, we are all exhausted here and plan on sleeping for a few days. Thank you to everyone that visited us and thanks again to the RNA, the stewards and our wonderful volunteers. Until next time Readers - make sure you snuggle your greys. Bye for now- Murphy.