Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Cougar

Mum took Honey (aka the Cougar, aka the Westie Warrior, aka the Cairn Crusher) to work with her yesterday to help with the greyhound assessment process. She fooled the RQ staff with her cute looks but my fellow house mates and I know the truth!

Another grey ignores Honey and passes her test.

No greyhounds were harmed by Honey so all is well. She slept right through the night after her big day out and is back to her cantankerous old self today.

Until next time - Your friend and cougar whipping boy Murphy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

GAP on the 7PM Project

Hi Readers, here is a story by Dr Chris Brown shown on the 7PM project about adopting a greyhound through GAP.

The only problem about this video is that I'm not in it. Orange Aid indeed! - Bye for now- Murphy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My 6th Birthday

Hi Readers, it was my 6th birthday today.

We all had pigs ears for lunch (except for Mum and Dad who don't seem to care for them). Then it was time for my cake.

"What, for me? How lovely" My favorite thing - food.
I was one happy hound when I realised I was the only one who had a cake. Mum shared some with the other hounds later.
Smoke gets in your eyes. I've just blown out the candle.
"Another?, don't mind if I do!"

Well readers, thats it from me on this cold and rainy day. I'm off for my dinner and a long snooze. Until next time - The birthday boy.