Sunday, June 24, 2012

GAP Family Walk June

Good morning Readers, today was day of our monthly walk for the Brisbane GAP family so Dad, Ozzy and I headed off to the city botanic gardens to meet up with everybody.

It was another lovely winters morning for the walk and we certainly attracted a lot of attention from the joggers and other visitors to the park as we walked through the various garden types on display.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my beautiful city -

Such colour in the middle of winter - fantastic to live in Queensland.
A lovely leash of hounds with their humans.
Craft moored at Gardens Point, I spotted a few sailor dogs on board during the walk.
Greyt to see some new faces along with our regulars at today's walk.
 "Jemmy Morrill and the Brolgas" A sculpture depicting a shipwrecked sailor who lived with the aborigines circa 1840.
Sometimes you just have to stop to smell the roses lavender.
Bear takes the lead in the GAP walk endurance event.
Word soon got out that I was in the city and people flocked to see me.
Aunty Suzanne and Uncle Steve with their family.
The gang takes a rest on the board walk through the mangroves.
Ozzy gets sand between his toes along the river bank.
A view of the Story bridge through the trees as we left the gardens.

Its also greyt to see so many hounds with their forever families. We greyhounds are the best kept secret in the pet world but don't tell anybody I told you. Bye for now - Murphy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finally, a fine weekend!

Hi Readers, I'm often asked about the other animals that I graciously share my home with. As today was the first fine weekend day for ages Dad was able to mow the lawn and then we went on a walk to visit the outdoor family and neighbours.

I hope you like the photographs -

Rocky the wonder goat says hi.
Patty and Selma Tia and Lucy keep an eye on proceedings. Lucy is Rocky's mum.
Our neighbours at RDA's cartmill centre doing the wonderful work they do to help special kiddies have fun while improving their balance and confidence.
 Some free loading ducks on one of the dams.
 An arty water reflection shot.
Lucy is never far from her boy in case he needs her.
 Our of our neighbours having a chat over the fence.
He also wanted to get a better look at the RDA horses.
"That's the second biggest dog I've ever seen" says Homer.
Ok, who can say that they don't enjoy a good ear scratch every now and then.
Prancer worn out after the property inspection.

Thanks for stopping by Readers. I must go and have my lunch and then perhaps a snooze. Until next time - Murphy

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hi Readers, its my 7th birthday tomorrow so Mum and Dad gave me my present today as we all have to go to work tomorrow (well, I'll be here keeping an eye on the pack but that's my full time job).

7 is almost this many toes. I'm glad I was able to hold the camera in my mouth as this was a really hard picture to take.
Dad took this one of me enjoying my present. It is very yummy and I'll get a few more days out of it yet.

Anyway readers, I off to bed on this cold and wet public holiday evening to reflect on my good fortune. I was fostered by my auntie Adele, adopted into a loving family with Mum and Dad, I have become an internationally read blogger,  have meet heaps of famous people in my role as a GAP ambassador and helped many, many other fine hounds find their forever homes. Not bad for a lad who wouldn't chase a plastic lure. Bye for now - Murphy.