Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi Readers, what a hot day it was today with the mercury reaching 36 degrees Celsius (which is really really hot in the old money). Mum and Dad went to Albion Park to represent GAP Qld at Woofstock but we decided it was best that we stay cool at home.

We found out later that there was some sort of hippie protest outside the gates while woofstock was underway. Dad says thanks to the protest organisers as the protest increased awareness of the good work GAP does tenfold which resulted in heaps of new adoption applications.

The remaining grateful dead groupies arrived in a vehicle like this. Luckily the stand was upwind.

Security was on hand due to the increased chance of unwashed interlopers gaining access.

For those that don't know, Albion park is a horse and greyhound racetrack. I know Australians will bet on anything but this is ridiculous.

 Woofstock, groovy baby!

Leanne and Marnie with the hounds at the GAP stand.

This happy Shar Pei  dropped by looking for treats.

A young greyhound fancier gets up close and personal with a visiting grey.

 A hippie disguised as a RAAF MP comes unstuck.

This woolly boy dropped in to have some ice water.

Q: Where does a very large Great Dane lay down?
A: Anywhere it wants to.

Bazza shows his style.

Some young fans chat about the hot weather with Bazza.

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Cuddles for Daisy and chats for the team.

Daisy used her Jedi mind powers - "Adopt me, for I am the one you seek".

Marnie and Loki promote one of our sponsors Advance Pet Nutrition.

Loki rearing to go and looking sharp!

Jaydee gets  a cuddle.

Jaydee gets another cuddle. You can tell she is a promotions pro.

Mum, Loki and Bazza get a visit.

This trio of Westies won the best dressed pet competition with their highland gear complete with bagpipes.

Well Readers, I must be off as it is still very hot here and we are expecting a thunder storm. I want to have my dinner in case we lose power. I also need to make an anonymous call to let the police know where to take the tear gas and water canons. Bye for now - Murphy.