Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brookfield Show Day 2

Hi everybody, it was back to Brookfield today for day two of the show. As Brookfield show grounds were enforcing a no fly zone today I had to go cattle class with Mum & Dad. I wasn't happy about that at all.

One new thing that happened today was that we had the pig racing team set up next to us and they ran races all day (as if a pig can race!). Anyway, to get the crowds in they also had a girl singing both kinds of music for the crowd (Country & Western). As I am more Johnny Rotten than Johnny Cash it made for a long day. She wasn't a bad singer but there is only so many times you can have your heart broken by a cheatin' low life man and not wise up. The porkers also made a lot of noise and kicked up heaps of dust so I am going better prepared tomorrow.

Anyway, we met some lovely potential adopters so it was a greyt day for GAP. I hope you enjoy the pics below.

Traveling Cattle Class to the show.

A note to Ruby Shirley's forever family - Ruby Shirley is NOT piglet friendly x 10

Winners of the pig racing.

The, um, losers!

One of my many young fans at the show.

Me showing my style.

Ruby Shirley encounters something weird on one of her promotional walks around the grounds.

I'm ready for the noise and dust tomorrow. I'm still trying to get the dust out of my snout.

See you all later Readers - Murphy.

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GRACE said...

Yo Murph lookin fine dawg lookin damn fine. We are missing our walks do you know what is going down in da hood with that my man. Milly and I have a new foster brother he is a big bugger by the name of Popeye. Hope to see you soon Dawg peace out yo