Sunday, May 1, 2011

Petbarn Underwood Fun Day

Hi Readers, we were invited to Petbarn at Underwood today to run a BBQ meet and greet. It was a lovely Autumn day with fine weather and a good position.

We had heaps of visitors and met a lot of friendly non greyhound lifeforms. Dad did his BBQ thing and we raised some good funds for GAP in the process (He said cooking for Princess Diana, Fleetwood Mac and Cyndi Lauper was ok but nothing compared to the thrill of cooking snags for hungry hounds and their families). Thanks to Petbarn for donating the BBQ and food to make the day a success.

Many, many pigs ears were also consumed today! See some more pics from the weekend at Teela G Photography on facebook here or on the web here.

I hope you enjoy the photos -

Ready to go!

Leela dreams of snacks.

Hope scored a two for one in the pigs ear hunt.

So many pigs ears, so little time!

After the snacking comes the snoozing.

Puppy Hope dreams about the hunt and the rewards!

Tom the cocker-spaniel dropped in to say hi.

Tom's human puppy enjoys a sausage unaware of the lurking hounds trying to distract her.

Leela looking smooth and relaxed.

Is there a code duello for puppies at five paces?

This old boy paid us a visit.

As did this young whipper snapper.

After such a long and tiring day sometimes a hound just needs her mum.

I'll leave the final word on the day to Logan from Teela G Photography who was our honourary greyhound for a day. Bye for now Readers - Murphy.

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