Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dog's Breakfast at Decker Park

Hi Readers, it seems that everybody wants a piece of the Murpster. Today we headed off to Brighton for the Brisbane City Council's Dog's Breakfast.

 It was another great day in the Sunshine State and heaps of people turned up. We thought that the numbers would be down as the RSPCA's million paws walk was also on but we were wrong. Aunty Leanne went to that event and said there were heaps of hounds there as well. Of course, if you have ever had a greyhound as a pet then you would know how greyt we are. If you haven't, what are you waiting for ??

Have a look at these pics, I hope you enjoy them.

Honey the cougar came with us today to make up the numbers. Little did she suspect it was also her annual bath day.

Hope and I in our lounge jackets pre-show.

It warmed up later in the morning.

 Someone opened a tin of small fluffies in the dog park and chaos followed.

BCC local councillor for Deagon Victoria Newton poses with me. I was distracted by the small fluffies savaging each other.

Fabulous Freddy the former foster trys out the balance beam.

 Fabulous Freddy's mate Reba give visitors to the stand a smile.

The Pugboks were there.
As was this fancy young lady.

 A meeting of the minds?

OK now darlings, give me a profile shot!

State member for Sandgate Vicky Darling poses with Mum, Hope, Honey and I along with her daughter and Crystal the lab.

Somebody call Ripleys, a greyhound lost an eating contest. Freddy suspects it was rigged.

Look at the turn up and the weather. BBQ breakfast.
 The Brisbane City Council staff giving advice to a pet owner.

This shaggy dog waiting for a turn to compete in the best behaved dog competition. No greyhounds were entered for some reason?

Mum was unable to resolve the feud between Hope and Reggie the BCC mascot.

Reggie lined up for a bath. I hope Honey left her some hot water.
A picture of Mum, Dad and visitors to the stand with their humans.

Anyway readers, after two solid days of promos I am off for a long long nap before dinner. See you all next time - Murphy.
PS, see you all at the Brookfield show next weekend.

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Wonderful weather and photos! Yes, those type of days out are tiring for dogs and people. It's great that the Greyhounds were so well represented.