Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wholesale Nurseries Australia Fun Day

Hi Readers, Hope and I joined Mum , Dad and Aunty Leanne at the Wholesale Nurseries Australia Fun Day at Pimpama today.

It was a lovely day with the weather being just right. We love to get out and spread the word about greyhound adoption and these promos always get a good level of enquiry.

I hope you enjoy the pics-

Ready to go!

This ginger human pup and I watch each other warily.

Hope wins a heart.

Morning tea time, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Pumpkin sits for some banana bread (or was that Banana sits for some pumpkin bread?)

Mum and I taking about hounds.

Me getting a scritch.

 More talkin' about hounds.

 An aerial shot of pumpkin getting mobbed by fans.

Hope gets a lift from Mum.

 Don't pat her, pat me, pat me pleads Jaydee.

Human pups were on sale somewhere.

Part of my international fan club dropped in to say hi.

This young possum was a hit with the visitors. I'm sure I have a possum grits recipe somewhere.

Thats its from me for today Readers. I'm off for a snooze after our busy day out and then it will be dinner time. Until next time - Murphy.

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