Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Brookfield Show

Hi Readers, as I mentioned in my last post its a busy time for me and the rest of GAP as promo season is in full swing. We have just spent three days at the Brookfield show which is always a greyt place to be.

Despite some very soggy conditions and a relocation to the art building we all had fun, sold heaps of greyhound merchandise, ate lots of goodies and of course gave out a lot of hound love.

I hope you enjoy the pictures -

Prancer ready for action.

Aunty Leanne with Pumpkin and a young admirer.

Andrew gives Hope a cuddle. Hasn't she grown into a big girl!

Precision horse stacking was on display.

As was precision vintage motorcycle stacking.

Pumpkin wants ears just like her uncle Prancer when she grows up.

These children were horrified to learn that I had gone on lunch and they would have to wait an hour to pat me.

Prancer scoffs down some saffron rice during his break.

Pumpkin practices planking on her mum.

Aunty Leanne won the chicken chasing contest by a nose.

The pensioner round up is a new event at this years show.

Pumpkin's flatulence reached new heights. Its weaponisation is being researched in a top secret laboratory.

Prancer hamming it up in some old hats we found.

Pumpkin turns the cute factor up to 11.

And receives a stern warning from the local police about breaking the cuteness barrier.

Loki trys his luck in a game of skill.

Some 3D ceramic mosaics by local artist John Fegan.

Loki suffers stoically through the obligatory silly hat photo.

Jaydee gives me a helping paw.

The cause of the sudden increase in serious brain injuries at  Brookfield may have been found.

These three lovely ladies posed with Pumpkin for the local paper.

Me with one of the locals.

Ever wonder what happens to old girl guides? Wonder no more. Mmmm cookies!

Five days old and believed to be delicious.

Jess helped out at the pony ride concession for the day. Is SPAP the next adoption programme to be started in Queensland?

This young lady drops in every year to get her greyhound fix. She bought her mum back today to meet us all.

Prancer says "told you I was a lap dog". The numbness in Mum's legs is slowly fading.

This cowgirl gives Miley a pat.

A final cuddle for Jaydee before we all headed home exhausted.

Well Readers, I'm off for a three day snooze-a-thon. Check back soon for details on the Dayboro and Samford shows. Bye for now - Murphy. 


Jane said...

Thank you for sharing this blog. I would like to ask permission to reuse some of the images on this post, in particular the image of the horses in the arena. We are creating an educational website for students about our local show and need images. We would be happy to attribute the photos to you if you can supply the details.

Murphy said...

Hi Jane, happy for your students to use the images. The Photographer is Russ Gallagher. Good luck with the website.