Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Long Weekend

Hi Readers, it was an extra long weekend for we Aussies this year as the ANZAC day public holiday fell straight after Easter Monday.

We spent the time tidying up the house and making sure that the Hope didn't get into any chocolate eggs as they are toxic to we hounds (or so Dad says, I'm not sure I trust him about that!).

Dad and I snapped some pics of our recreational time outside. I hope you enjoy the photos -

Hope guards her fort as the others sneak up on her.

No Easter bunnies were harmed during the making of this blog.

Homer shows off his classic good looks by striking a pose.

 Prancer and I watching the games.

Listen, do you smell something?

A quick game of chase the pup.

Hope decides that her tennis ball is more fun.

Jess closes in on her quarry.

Jess denies any wrong doing in her game play.

Well, its time for another carob egg so I'll see you all later. Bye for now - Murphy.

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