Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brookfield Vets "Mad Hatter" Open Day

Hi Readers, GAP was invited to the Brookfield Vets open day today. There was an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter theme this year so please keep that in mind when you check out the pics below.

Its lovely to visit professional, caring vets and spend the day educating the public about what greyt pets we greyhounds make.

 Me living dangerously and loving it at the Brookfield produce markets!
 ... chocks away old boy, got to go and beat jerry so we can all be home before Christmas! The boys model their flying helmets.
 Teddy went with the "aren't I a cutie" look today.
Dad made this mad hatter hat for me. The kids loved it ...
 ... while I preferred this cap. I think I look like Brian Johnson from AC/DC!
 Mum doing her Mad Hatter impersonation.
Magic mushrooms! Not sure if these ones made you big or small.
Teddy and I catching some rays.
 I can see why these two bring security with them when they go out. LOL.
Ozzy gets a cuddle from one of the locals.
Teddy makes contact!
Apparently a Hungarian vizsla is not something that is served with sour cream.  Shame!
 Aunty Gail and Mum at our display.
The red queen dropped in to offer us a cracker.
Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee were there.
Brother Ozzy and Brother Eddie getting some pats.
The kids zoo. The tasty, tasty kids zoo.
Early on in the day.
"Alice" also dropped by to say hi and introduce her daughter.
Aunty Gail talking about GSDs to a visitor to the stand.
Ozzy greets some more visitors.
The vet staff went all out to make this a greyt day for the local pet community.
Some of the many pets and visitors we met today.
More smooches for Ozzy.
 Teddy and Pugsly having some downtime.
"When I grow up I want to be a greyhound!"
Definitely a contender for strangest costume of the day!
"What does a guy have to do to get a drink around here?"
Teddy and Eddie put on a speed display for the crowd in the lovely soft paddock near the vets. It sure stopped all those "my dog is faster than a greyhound" comments!
The winner of the littlest dog competition as judged by Dad.
This little guy was doing tricks for the judges. So cute.
Watching today's events and hoping to win the smallest dog competition.
Um, we have to apologize for giggling each time these guys walked past - snigger.
The very talented Lucy entertaining the crowds. Her act ended when she tucked herself into bed after a day at the teddy bear's picnic.
The Mad Hatter was there with the Cheshire cat.
Arthur the wolfhound cuddling dad. Arthur has been on a diet and only ways 80 kg now.
Aunty Gail giving me a cuddle after another long day promoting GAP.

Well readers, Eddie, Teddy and Ozzy are already fast asleep and I'm off to join them. Until next time - Bye for now - Murphy.

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