Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christmas in July

Hi Readers, as summers are very hot in our part of the world we decided to have a Christmas in July party with the GAP family. It was a lovely day at Decker Park and everybody had a great time. There was a basketball court, beach walks, Christmas lunch and lots of snacks bought along by everybody. Yum and Fun at the same time!

I hope you enjoy the pics -

Christmas in July means Christmas costumes for the hounds!
Not a party goer but Halo dropped in for a drink on the way past.
 A  greyt crocheted raffle item (and its inspiration?).

It was a lovely day for a paddle once things warmed up a little.
Even the big guy dropped in to say hello today.
Pumpkin and Jay-Dee taking things easy.
Charlie and his mini me Bailey.
Um, somebody call tech support!
 Checking out the esky raffle prize!
 The gorgeous Luna was there with her family.
The RQ team chatting to mum. Chef is in the background.
In the center we have Ozzy and his Mum catching up. Don't they look similar!
Ozzy didn't know what this thing was but was sure he could catch it. It did sound like a lure as it went past.
A panel of the lovely quilt that was raffled today. It was made by Sue's mum.
Sandra with her mum and Sister. Look at those cakes!
This was the cake for the humans. Isn't it terrific.
 And this is the doggy cake. It was delicious!
And speaking of snacks!
Nothin' but net when Air-Murph is on the court !
Eddie and Ozzie having some down time at the end of a long day.
Shirley chilling out.
Chatting about greys.
Teddy checking out his new cooler!
Yours truly doing his "this bed is just right" impersonation.
 Kyle waiting for lunch...

.. and some of the snacks that the humans bought with them.

A small selection of today's attendees. Thanks for coming guys!

Thanks to everybody for contributing today and for making the day a success. It was so good to see everybody with their humans. See you again this time next year. Bye for now - Murphy.

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