Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Samford Show.

Hi Readers, this weekend was the Samford show. You might remember last year was a wash out with some greys developing webbing between their toes to help navigate the grounds. We had much better weather this year, although Sunday was a little damp.

I hope you like the photos from around the grounds -

O Rly? Yarly, the powerful owl is found in Samford and its surrounds.
I think its still dryer than last year's show!
Mum and aunty Sue at the GAP stand.
Mum with my aunties Gail, Gina and Mel.
 Prancer getting some love on Saturday.
Did somebody say "Girl Guide Cookies?"
Prancer did defect to the guide display but they sent him back because he doesn't have a blue card.
Working the crowd.
 What a load of ... great sand sculpting at the show.
Oz and Pranny with our first visitor to the stand.
Prancer having a quiet moment between rushes.
The local minstrels singing oldies for the crowd.
The most popular form of transport to get to the show. Who needs those new fangled automobiles?
 Murphy cam out and about near the cooking hall.
I think some people should only ever have this type of pet.
This sheep was just walking down the street when suddenly....
All tired out after a big day getting pats and cuddles.
Aunty Gail and Mum getting ready for the next rush.
Brother Ozzy catching some rays at the show.
Ann and Julia joined us on Saturday to talk about greys to the crowd.
 Ozzy gets another fan.
Looks like the monolith from 2001 a space odyssey ?
Teddy won a lot of hearts this weekend.
 Julia and Ozzy represented team fawn.
Roley out and about at Samford.
It was hot work on Saturday so Dad shared his milkshake with me. I got the ice cream!
Some sort of child sacrifice ritual at the show.
 "But where are the chops" asks Ozzy?
The vomitorium ride in full swing.
 Mum gives Teddy a cuddle.
Are greyhounds good with kids? Could be!
Me pacing myself at the show. Somebody has to show the noobs how its done.
The copperhead road still display was very popular before it was shut down by the sheriff.
"Yo Dog!". Claire goes gangsta.
Yours truly waiting in the car for Mum to arrive on day two.
Team blue with Eddie and Dreamy on day two.
Talking about soggy hounds.
Bella was all glammed up on Sunday.
Eddie having a special moment at the end of day two.

"OK Lady, hand over the cupcake and nobody gets hurt". Mum learnt that this wasn't the best place for a snack.

Well Readers, I must pop off for dinner and a snooze now. Thanks to everybody who volunteered this weekend and to all those who came for a pat. See you soon - Murphy.

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