Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Ekka

Hi Readers, well the 2013 Royal Queensland Exhibition has been and gone. For ten days the GAP greyhounds, our wonderful volunteers and the GAP staff were on hand to educate the public on Greyhounds as pets by letting them meet me greyhounds up close and personal.

We had a fantastic time meeting the public and participating in ring events. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our adventures at the ekka!

I thought that this sign was very appropriate as it was located outside of the dog pavilion.
"What, no greyhounds?" These silhouettes are made by a blacksmith to order.
This big guy called in to visit his fellow hounds ...
... and bought his lunch with him.
We just love the strawberry ice creams at the ekka...
... so we thought this one was very brace for visiting us. Prancer was going in for a lick before Mum stopped him.
Prancer's former trainer and sister called in to see him. He gave them a huge welcome.
Um, not greyhounds although some of these weighed as much as two of us together.
Teddy welcomes a human pup to the greyhound lounge.
So many school children visited us for pats and cuddles over the ten days.
This visually impaired lady wanted to meet Teddy so she hopped on the floor with him and mapped him out. He even rolled over so she could check out his missing leg.
I go fast enough without having to use these human toys. Thank goodness the hospital was right there for those souls with poor constitutions.
Some of the prize bulls competing in the ring. The ekka is a big agricultural show where the city meets the country.
Prancer's lady friend comes to visit him each year at the ekka.
Swazi and Brisk dropped by to see us...
... as did Pig.
One of the winning school exhibits. I liked the piglets suckling from their mum in this one. Mmm...suckling pig.
Another terrific display of Queensland produce.
This display was from close to my home so I voted for it.
A beautiful bromeliad display near the greyhound lounge.
I had to keep the GAP girls away from this display. They keep looking for the key.
Some sort of puppy trapping device?
Sam putting Brisk through her paces in the agility ring.
Look at how well this border collie handles the tunnels.
I'm not saying these cosmonauts are from Chernobyl but they're from Chernobyl.
Channel 7 was there to interview Marlin and Zuma along with Sandra and Elliot about how great we greyhounds are.
I spotted this on the day of the greyhound sweepstakes. Dad said a few bitches got out of their crates on that day but were contained.
Bree with her human Milly being cute.
We met this big working horse on the way in to the show one day.
Eddie checking out the main ring at the ekka.
This big predator monster was there as well. Did you know they rust solid if you pee on their legs?
A couple of cuties in the greyhound lounge.
Got the blues?. Eddie smooches this police woman and her niece.
Leah introduces Prancer and Eddie to a young visitor in the lounge.
Eddie pretending to be cool but really taking a snooze.
Its great to see the happiness patting a greyhound can bring to somebody's day.
Prancer was on his best behaviour when the human/wolf hybrid visited us.
Pranny reached out to a family at the display.
Michelle and Lola with some young admirers.

Pumpkin checking out this little monkey.
The state member for Mulgrave and GAP greyhound owner Curtis Pitt dropped in to visit the greyhound lounge.
Cookie monsters?
Some of the beautiful horses in the competition ring at the show.
We had huge crowds through the lounge over the ten days of the show.
The very handsome Marlin gets some lounge time.
Piggly-Wiggly greets a visitor to the stand.
Mel from Racing Queensland worked so hard on her day at the stand. She fell in love with me (of course) and brother Prancer.
Pranny hams it up with Nicki on the lounge.
Teddy with a tiny visitor.
Prue seeking some divine guidance during her shift at the ekka.
Teddy was a big hit during the show with kids and adults alike. Apparently he only has three legs?
A hounds eye view of the lounge.

Ozzy (Prue's son) chills out with a warm beverage before the crowds arrive.
This groomer spend two hours on this end of her dog. Dad said that this is another reason greyhounds are great as you don't need to spend time in this region ... hey I just got that.
Me with a young fan.
Zuma giving cuddles to a visitor to the lounge. Greys are great as they are easy to pat from a chair or a bed.
The 40 kg lap dog Marlin with his mum.
Emily being cute.
A tasty, tasty flower for Eddie.
Dreamy with her mum Jo and some admirers.
Aunty Margaret with Emily.
Maggie loves her cuddles.
Mmm.. another strawberry ice cream in danger.
Teddy thought this blue boy was a cutie.
"Wow, you are tall" says this little visitor.
So many admirers visited us!
How to torment a sheep dog in one easy lesson.
"Did somebody say cheese toasties?" Sharon was the center of attention when she opened her snack.
Vicky with Prancer.
Teddy working the crowd, he was such a good pup.
Pumpkin gets some cuddles from the paramedics.
Pumpkin smooching her mum.
Me with a couple of admirers. Cute aren't I?
"Hey Randene, look at them funny looking dawgs!" We get a bit of this sometimes but the visitors to the stand were all terrific this year.
My friend Angela giving me a pat on the last day of the show.

Well you try doing ten days at the ekka without a little caffeine!
Aunty Gail with Prancer at the 4BC studios before they were interviewed about GAP.

Well Readers, its been a huge fortnight for GAP. A big thank-you to all our volunteers who came to the show, to the wonderful staff at the RNA who keep our area clean and who bought us sandwiches and other treats. A special big thank you to Lionel Blumel from the RNA who helped everything run smoothly. We hope every body that visited us had a greyt time and can now understand why we do what we do. Greyhounds are beautiful pets so call GAP and adopt one today.

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