Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bribie Island GAP Family Walk.

Hi Readers, its winter here in Australia and we had a gorgeous full moon last night. We set off to meet the gang at Woorim Beach, Bribie Island this morning and what a cool, crisp morning it was.

We also ran into some fisherman (both human and animal) on the beach which kept the hounds very interested. I hope you enjoy the pics-

 Not bad for winter weather is it?

 Did somebody say poodle?
Hoots Mon! Its Tarzie rugged up and looking very happy about it.
 Getting ready to walk.
"Ah, its going to get me and its cold!"
Another fabulous morning in Queensland.
There are fish in the nets and the gulls know it.
As do the dolphins.
The fishermen starting to bring in their nets.
The water would have been freezing this morning but they had to get the fish in.
Part of this morning's catch. I thought fish came in cat food cans.
Some of the GAP team watching the catch.
 Brother Ozzy being photogenic.
Small fry Teddy the tripod hadn't seen sand before this morning. I think he likes it.
 One of our favorite non greys at the walk.
 Practicing for a career as a tracker?
"Wow, all this sand and sticks too? What a great place"
Brother Eddie went further up the beach than we did.
On the walk back to the car park.
Most of the gang. As always, the public love seeing all the greys together and we got lots of cuddles.
"That's not a stick, this is a stick" says a passing dog to Teddy.
 What a greyt way to spend Sunday morning.
The beagle brigade couldn't match our numbers.
"That sand gets everywhere". I wasn't silly enough to fall for the "that is a warm shower" trick.
Some of the gang at Nat's Shack. Thanks for the goodies guys.
We got heaps of attention from the other cafe patrons this morning.
 "Those chips will be mine!"
 "Success" thinks Ozzy as he chows down.
Mum and Eddie at the cafe.
 Ozzy cuddles our Aunty Sharon.
 "Aw, do we really have to go home Dad?"

Well Readers, after a hard morning of walking, watching the fishermen and dolphins and hanging out at the cafe, I need to have a lie down. Bye for now - Murphy.

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