Saturday, June 20, 2009

Space Invaders?

Dad fell asleep in front of the TV last night (after getting up because he was not able to sleep in bed, honestly I'll never get humans figured out!).

He was complaining of a sore neck and of dreaming of a weight on his chest while he slept. Dad says he must have slept at a strange angle and the rest was just a silly dream. He doesn't know that I took this photo last night that shows the real reason for his "dream" and current malady.

Clearly we need a bigger couch at the House of Hound given all the couch potatoes that live here (the forty mile per hour kind and the other two legged kind). Whats worse is that there was no room for me!

Bye for now Readers - Murphy.

1 comment:

GRACE said...

BOL BOL (bark out loud) that is hilarious. Popeye did the same to Mama J and he was a BIG dog she woke up with him on her chest as well