Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gold Coast Pet Expo 2009

Yesterday was the first day of the Gold Coast Pet Expo being held at Varsity Lakes so Mum, Dad, Pepe and I headed off early for the long drive to the show grounds. It had been raining steadily overnight so we were worried that the day would be a wash out but the sun came out as the expo was starting and it stayed fine all day.

Me hamming it up for the cameras at GAP's indoor display.

Dimity dropped by to say hello (Dimity is the greyhound formerly known as Ruby Shirley, a previous House of Hound foster favorite).

Leanne cuddles Smartie at the outdoor display while Jaydee is on duty at the inside display.

Jaydee dreaming about her Mum at the indoor display.

Dad says that you normally don't see guys dressed in fur being lead about with a leash by girls at family events!

I thought my outfit was silly but this guy made me feel better (although he was doing his bit for Surf Life Saving Australia, a very worthy cause).

And then there was this sight which made us all feel better about our outfits, at least we could take ours off. LMAO!

Bye for now Readers - Murphy.

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GRACE said...

Hey Murph
You guys did a great job on Saturday. Mama J and I went down on Sunday. I could not believe my eyes when we arrived to find out that there were CATS beside us. Mama J was most proud that I did'nt start a ruckus. That Smartie sure makes a great lap dog. Mama J took photos as well of Smartie sitting on Leanne's lap. take care and hopefully will see you on the 11th for our public maiden voyage with no muzzle. woohoo