Saturday, June 13, 2009

Introducing Pepe

It was my birthday yesterday and Mum & Dad got me a new foster sister to celebrate with (I'm still waiting on my "real" present - Cheapskates!).

I would like to introduce you to Pepe. She is a five year old brindle girl who is very shy at the moment as she came to us directly from the university vet science department after being desexed. I'm sure with lots of TLC she will fit right in at the House of Hound and we are very excited to have her here. In fact, we have received feedback from unexpected places on her arrival, please see below for details!

When asked about Pepe's arrival, Bumblebee Man said "Pepe es un galgo muy hermoso y lo amarĂ¡ en la Casa del Hound"*

The three amigos enjoying the morning sun.

Pepe relaxing at Casa del Hound.

The last word goes to Mr Homer S of Springfield.

Anyway Readers, I'm off to find out where Dad keeps the salt and lemon wedges as Pepe wants to teach me a new game for my birthday with her "special" water. Bye for now - Murphy.

*Bumblebee Man's translation provided by MS Outlook - If I have insulted anybody or suggested that their lineage is suspect or that their parent's marital status was dubious at the time of their birth please direct all complaints to Mr B Gates, Seattle, USA - Murphy.


GRACE said...

Enjoy your stay at House of Hound Pepe. Better watch those boys they are tricksters

Anonymous said...

hahaha thats funny