Monday, June 8, 2009

The Overnighter

We had an overnight guest at the House of Hound yesterday.

Her name was Amy whose racing name was "Miss Bossy Boots" (Dad says he thought that was Mum's racing name?). I found out later that she is my half sister as our sire was Big Sam Banner (Greyhound of the year in 2002). Given her impeccable breeding lines, she was naturally very attractive and we had an instant camaraderie.

Amy went to her trial home at Caboolture today but I'm sure they'll fall in love with her. It will be nice to have one of my sisters living so closely to me.

Amy settles in for the night.

Early morning - "What hour do you call this,wheres my coffee?"

Waiting to pounce on my half brother.

Early morning playing with Sis.

Bye for now Readers - Murphy


GRACE said...

I fell off my bed when I saw you playing it was so funny. Nice to see you got to know your sister. Mama J says you and I have the same Grandfather "Proper Tears". Mama J says the greyhound lines are very confusing. Hope all is well at House of Hound. Casa Greyhound is going fine except Millie cut her paw at the park so she is hobbling around. talk to you soon

Murphy said...

Poor Millie, I hope she is on the mend soon.

Life With Dogs said...

There is a guest that you don't want to send away. Too bad you didn't have her for a week or so...

alex said...

Good looks certainly run in the family- that sister of yours is quite the looker!!
I'd want her too- wouldn't she like to come to visit the states?
Love the happy tails at the door.

Scott said...

I love watching Greyhounds play. They tend to use their paws alot more than other breeds.