Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dayboro Show

Hi Readers, I'm just back from a weekend promoting GAP at the Dayboro show. We all had a lot of fun, meeting some old friends and making a heap of new ones. We had fine weather for the weekend although it was a little windy but really, who can complain about cool nights and lovely low humidity days?

We had a few promo first timers with us this time and they all went so well smooching the public and getting patted. I hope you enjoy the photographs -

The devil horse of Dayboro made an appearance early on the first day.
Me checking out the clan's tartan.
This rider banks to port as she lines up the next jump.
One of the local bulls delivering his human to the show.
Ahoy there Cap'n Loki, permission to come aboard?
The lovely Zuma smiles for the camera while Marlin looks on.
Ozzy had to extricate himself from the embrace of these human pups.
Me arriving back at the LZ after reconnoitering the show grounds from above.
Coco claims this tasty looking morsel for herself.
 Amber dropped in to give Teddy a cuddle.
Ozzy and Lucy smooching some visitors to the stand.
Zuma with the boys from the bush who were back in town for the show.
The mini trotter races kept us hounds entertained. Don't tell mum but I won a fiver on this beauty.
One of the noisier exhibits at the show.
Some of the girls had their hair done especially for the show.
Wow, and I thought Prancer had big ears!
Zuma wins another heart...
...then rolls in something "fragrant" to celebrate.
Ozzy having a quiet moment with a young visitor to the display.
Lucy adds more members to her fan club.
Teddy gets a lovely scritch while Loki looks on.
April in smooch mode won over this visitor from Canada.
Yours truly appropriating a pillow when it was left unattended for too long.
Entry to the show - $20, playing on the hill with an old cardboard box - priceless.
Cherry was wide eyed when she saw her new friends at the GAP stand.
There is nothing like a hose down after hard days jumping (other than a nice massage of course).
This human keeps her balance despite her mount's best efforts to dislodge her.
Me in the poultry isle checking out the some of the rare bird breeds at the show.
Both cute and tasty at the same time.
Haley gets some pats from two young guests.
Blaze did so well at his first promo. Here he is having a moment between greeting visitors.
 Ozzy dreams of being cuddled by two blondes.
Harley made a big impression on this fellow with his gentle nature.
Eddy clowning around as usual.
 Harley just might have met his forever family today.
Blaze ducked so Ozzy got the cuddles.
Haley photo bombs my picture.
Me roaching to show my approval of this young ones tickling style.
 Lucy taking five during a break.
Coco with a couple of our friends from Samford that we met last year.
Um, this says it all really.Dagwood dogs, small dogs and various ruminants  all visited us today.
Meanwhile, at the gun dog exhibit!
Blaze wins more friends.
Harley giving out some of the last cuddles at the show.
Brothers Eddy and Ozzy celebrate another great show for GAP.

Thanks for stopping by Readers, my brothers and sisters are all sound asleep and I'm off to join them. Until next time, love up your hounds and bye for now - Murphy.

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