Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brookfield Vet Family Fun Day

Hi Readers, the GAP team was invited to attend the Brookfield Vet's family day. The theme was the toy story movies and we had a lovely time speaking to loads of people about how greyt we are as companions for you humans.

We met all sorts of dogs today from the very small to the very large and a few non canine creatures to boot. I hope you enjoy the photographs -

"Take us to your greyhounds!" demanded these little guys.
Aunty Gail and mum with Lucy, Teddy and Ozzy showing off their cowboy hats.
"Hang on girls, I'm sure Murphy is around here somewhere!"
"Can we trade these two in for greyhounds?" asked this visitor.

These lucky girls were at the top of the queue to meet me.

Ozzy getting some pats.
"Um, I think this one is broken?" Fortunately I was wrong.
Little beau peep had lost her sheep so she bought a guinea pig instead.
Our hosts in their toy story costumes.
"Must absorb sunlight" Such a couple of pretty lizards.
This well dressed young lady dropped in to see us.
 More smooches for Ozzy.
Aunty Gail on sticker duty today.
We made this young visitor feel very welcome.
Some of the entrants for the best dressed human competition.
Arthur entered his human pup into the best costume competition.
"Have you guys seen any wolves?" he asked.
"Have you guys seen any criminals ?" this shepherd asked. We must take down the information sign.
 One of the blue rinse set.
 "Seriously kid, stop poking me".
The young ones having a paddock run to stretch their legs.
Cooling off afterwards.

Well Readers, I'm off for a snooze after another busy weekend. Until next time - bye for now - Murphy.

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