Saturday, March 30, 2013

Q.G.B.O.T.A. Members Easter Family Fun Day.

Happy Easter to you Readers, the GAP team was invited by QGBOTA to attend their family fun day and races at the Capalaba Greyhound Club.

It was a terrific opportunity to build our relationship with the racing industry and get more greyhounds into GAP. We met some greyt people and had a lot of fun watching the races. It stirred the racing instinct in the GAP dogs and our humans had to hold onto us very tightly when the lure was running.

Anyway Readers, I hope you enjoy the photos - 

We were grateful for the cloud cover as it was still very warm for autumn in Brisbane.
Our destination was one of only a few straight greyhound tracks that remain in operation.
 The promo team early on in the day.
The QGBOTA team did a greyt job on the BBQ. Thanks for the sausages guys.
Some future GAP dogs in one of the races.
Ozzy awaiting his turn in the jumping castle.
Aunty Gail and mum with QGBOTA members Ralph Chandler and Bob Patching. 
Ozzy had a sip of beer today and promptly fell asleep in Jo's lap.
Me meeting one of the locals.
 Just to prove that I do stand up at promotions (occasionally).
Paula and Murray dropped by for a greyhound fix and to say hi.
 Eddie and Ozzy dishing out the love.
 Ozzy and Dreamy having a snuggle.
Dreamy and Midget having a snooze together.
The Easter Bunny with the GAP team. We let him get away to keep the boys and girls happy tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by Readers, until next time - Murphy.

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