Sunday, March 24, 2013

March GAP Family Walk.

Go west young man! So we did, all the way to Robelle Parklands at Springfield. The walk kicked off at 07:30 and it was already warm and humid.

Thanks to everybody who came along as its always fabulous to see so many greys walking together.

Family - check, greyhound - check, lets walk!

Yours truly ready to go walk about.
My 10 year old sister Jess joined our walk today. She was a little nervous at first but soon got into the swing of things.
Mum showing Jess how to stand for the group photograph.
 The group photograph!
And they're off and walking.
 "Hey, how did she get in front of us?"
Ozzy chatting to one of the local human pups and his mum at the cafe.
Drinks after the walk.
"Hey dad, wait for me!"
Foster girl Emily gives Mum a big cuddle.
Greyhound semaphore is an ancient art, passed down from father to son.
Cuddles and drinks for our humans post walk.
The water park was just starting up when we arrived.
"Thats not a poo bag, this is a poo bag". Yowser!
Jay Jay gets a cuddle before we headed for home.

Thanks for stopping by readers, as it is so hot today I'm off for a snack and a snooze. Until next time - Murphy.

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