Sunday, July 22, 2012

GAP Family Walk June 2012

Hi Readers, today was the June GAP family walk at Scarborough. It was another greyt day in SE Queensland with cool clear skies above. I couldn't stay for the whole walk as I promised the Brookfield Vets I would appear there to promote GAP. Ozzy and I really could have used a latte afterwards though!

I was going to take the yacht but the berthing situation was terrible!
Minnie the smoocher joined us for her first GAP walk as an honourary greyhound.
Today's early bird walkers.
Jay Jay was in front by a  head at this stage.
The lovely and very special Solo was there for his first walk. His cute snorkel won the crowd over.
Greys aren't silly enough to do this in winter but these guys were having a ball.
The beautiful glasshouse mountains farewelled us as we packed up and headed to Brookfield.

Fortunately I was able to snooze in the car while Dad drove us to Brookfield so I arrived looking fresh and relaxed. We are looking forward to the August walk to wind down after the RNA Ekka promo next month. See you there!

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