Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brookfield Vets Mini Fair

Hi Readers, me again. What a busy little social butterfly I am. I had the GAP family walk this morning and the I went to the Brookfield Vets for their fun day. There was a great turnout and the Olympic theme provided some most amusing sights. We greys being the supreme athletes we are didn't need costumes to prove our Olympic speeds. Usain Bolt might keep the two leggers in awe but we greys know a thing or to about running as well.

I hope you like the photographs -

The GAP promo team ready for action.
Two of the beautiful Hellenic Goddesses that greeted us today.
These two cuties were on the display next to us and were almost as well behaved as we were.
Biscuit arrives for the promo.
 and slips into his costume.
 "Mummy, mummy look at that grape hound"
This bard was there to serenade me with soothing tunes.
The Australian Olympic swim team was there (and was very well behaved given how tasty they looked)
World media scoop, Australian swimmer Rice is expecting a kid. You read it here first people.
One of the kayaking team dropped in.
with one of the Australian coaching squad ready to help!
Action - feeding fairy floss to Pumpkin.

Reaction - maddy to burn off sugar high in the nearest paddock.
 We think this critter might win in the swimming pool.
This tawny frog mouth looks a little grumpy as its way past his bedtime.
Dad used a special effect to show these little guys running fast.
The A team show how its done.

 Loki enjoyed being the centre of attention.
Two promotions in one day was too much for Ozzy.

Well Readers, that it from me. I'm off for an extra long snooze until dinner time. Bye for now - Murphy.

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