Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Samford Show

Hi Readers, what a weekend the GAP promo team have had at the Samford show. It was possibly the wettest show we attended and have already named it Dogstock due to the mud. It was also a great show with the usual Samford friendliness and love for the greys.

I hope you enjoy the pics -

Did I mention the rain and the water everywhere?

And the mud?
Setting up on the morning of day one.
 Me in my GAP bandanna.
These guys were being sold on the stand next to us. Several covert missions to obtain them all failed.
"Can you tell me where to find Murphy's display"
 A dragon emerged from the sand on day one...
... to morph into a  Mario Puzo inspired sculpture on day two.
A rump view of the tent pegging demonstration...
... with a muzzle shot of the follow through.
 "What are ewe looking at?"
Um, this picture is unrelated to the one above. Nothing to see here, move along citizen!
Police recruiting standards seem to have slipped in recent years.
A big scary thing. Oh, and a dinosaur on the loose in the Samford showgrounds.
 A couple of kids being cute.
Eddie and friend.
There was some unpleasantness between Eddie and Star over the ownership of an angry bird stuffed toy.
Dr Harry was swept away in the crowds coming to see me.
Chatting about hounds while the sun baked us into the setting mud.
Prancer needed some support from Laura after a long day on the stand.
This cheeky fellow was there for the pet parade. Mmmm, I do love a good roast bird!
Lots of pats and cuddles were given and received over the weekend.
Our day two volunteers smiling in the bog.
One of these things is not like the others!
Prancer pretends to shake hands with an unsuspecting visitor when he was really putting a muddy paw print motif on his clothing.
 Mud bros.
 No Ecky Thump here, more like welly-fu
New boy Ozzy gets some tips on his first promo from old hand Prancer.
For those that remember my post A New Beginning this is the lovely Toby now aged six months. He dropped in to see us today and give cuddles.                  
Its not a dove with an olive branch in its mouth but this kookaburra showed up as we were leaving and the sun started to shine. We are all looking forward to Samford 2013!

Well Readers, I'm off for my second bath in two days (the horror) followed by dinner and a very long snooze. Thank you so much to everybody who volunteered and bought their humans to the show. Bye for now - Murphy.  

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