Sunday, February 12, 2012

Must Love Dogs Keperra

Hi Readers, it was off the the wilds of Keperra today for the 1st GAP promo of the year.  We had heaps of greys show up and we met some lovely people who wanted to adopt. It was another hot Brisbane and we left just in time to avoid a thunder storm.

I hope you enjoy the pics-

 The "wilds" of Keperra!
High on a hill was a lonely goatherd (or a herd of goats, or something, I'm not Julie Andrews you know).

The source of the snuffling and , um, flatulence at the dog park was soon discovered.
 This little guy dropped in to see us.
 Sara watches on as Custard checks the water level.
 Custard then cools off the only way she could.
 Team Bailey on the move.
 Getting to know the locals over a drink.
Heaps of visitors dropped in to see me the GAP stand.
 This little guy won a prize for his tricks.
"Aw come on, its my turn in the bucket".
 Mindy flattens out on some cool grass.
Yours truly on my way to visit the other displays at the park.
 Cole uses his hpno-eyes on the crowd.
 Custard gives a potential adopter a test drive.
 Eddie gives out some greyhound lovin' to some young visitors.
Jay Jay and I loved the bedding from big dog pet foods.

Thanks to all our volunteers and their hounds who helped make today such a greyt day. Anyway Readers, I must be off to shut the windows as the storm that was approaching as we left the promo has reached the house of hound. Bye for now - Murphy.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to see (and hear)Sunday went so well. Sorry we couldn't be there.