Sunday, February 26, 2012

GAP's February 2012 Walk.

Hi Readers, Mum, Dad and the house of hound horde headed off to Nudgee beach today for GAP's February walk.

We would like to thank Huey for holding off on the rain and providing us with a great morning for a paddle, not too hot, not too cold but just right.

Eddie the escapologist managed to get away twice this morning, once by tipping Mum into the sea and the other by chewing through his harness. Luckily for Eddie, he was rugby tackled both times before he could come to harm. We may have to upgrade him to the Hannibal Lecter style of harness a la silence of the lambs.

I hope you enjoy the pictures -

"Last one in is a rotten pooch". Vader heads for the water.
Brother Homer and yours truly looking fine.
Wally makes a new friend.
 "What do you mean my lunch is on that boat?"
Current house of hound foster Mini meets her potential new Mum, Dad and canine sister Cilla.
One hound and his human have a sprint.
Aunties Marnie and Leanne with Tibby and Pumpkin.
A fine leash of hounds (although Dad has unkindly suggested that a group of greyhounds should be called a methane or a flatulence).
After much deliberation it was decided that the tide was coming in and that the vertically challenged amongst us could soon be in trouble.
Heading for the safety of the shore and a chat afterwards.

Its always great to catch up with so many greys and their humans. It looks like Homer's current crush Mini may have found a home and that's great even if it means Homer will be playing his emo MP3s long into the evening over the coming weeks.

Anyway Readers, I'm off for a de-sanding and then a snooze. Bye for now - Murphy.

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