Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 Greyhound of the Year

Hi Readers, I'm up early this morning but I can't say the same for the rest of the household who attended Racing Greenland's 2011 Greyhound of the Year awards at the Brisbane Sofitel last night.

Of course, I'm the greyhound of the year every year but these awards were for my fellow hounds who are still racing. It seems my zero wins from zero starts isn't good enough these days.

Anyway, Mum, Dad and Aunty Gail attended and said it was a great night.  The night was hosted by Chris "Bomber" Bombolas assisted by well known industry professionals. The girls got to catch up with our sponsors from Big Dog Pet foods and Bayer and spread the good word about GAP. Gail was interviewed by Steve Hawkins (no, not the wheelchair bound genius, pay attention here people) and presented an award for "Brood bitch of the year" (snicker).  Well done Solid Skye.

I hope you like the photos -

A view of down town Brisbane from the ball room at the Sofitel.
Mum and Aunty Gail early on.
Mum and Aunty Gail post Chardonnay (10 minutes later)
Aunty Gail announcers the award winner, on stage with Steve Hawkins who later interviewed her about the great work GAP does for the industry.

Anyway readers, apparently I've been typing too loudly so I must be off. Congratulations to Dashing Corsair who won the main title last night and to all the other winners. - bye for now - Murphy.

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