Saturday, November 26, 2011

GAP Christmas Breakfast 2011

Hi Readers, today was the 2011 GAP Christmas get together. We headed off to Decker park Sandgate  for a walk followed by breakfast  along the bay. It was a lovely day to celebrate GAP's achievements over the past few months since Gail joined the team. As you'll see from the photographs there were a lot of happy hounds and their humans there today.

The start of a lovely day on the bay.
Sign being upgraded to "Bring snacks, greyhound territory"
Sara was there...
 ... as was Oscar.
 Getting to know everybody...
... usually results in a bit of greyhound maypole dancing.
 An idol of the local tribe.

One of theses hounds is not like the others?

Many, many hounds.
Taking back the walking path from cyclists and other miscreants for its intended purpose.
These little guys stopped to let the parade of hounds pass.
Cooling off at the nearest patch of sand.
Spot the water babies.
 Michelle with Charlie and Bailey.
 Sara teaches the greys a new trick.
 Mum and Eddie...
 ... who has been watching way too much Crocodile Dundee.
 Mine...mine...mine...mine... etc.
 Me chillin' at the beach.
 Pumpkin takes Aunty Leanne for a dip.
It was great to catch up with all the hounds and their peeps.
 Cooling off after we got back to the park...
 ... where Peter had breakfast waiting. mmm...bacon.
Venus with her family.

Well Readers, I must be off for a snooze while Mum and Dad de-sand Eddie and Hope. Take care and until next time be kind to your hounds - Murphy.

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Jenny said...

It was great to see you and your parents again Murph. It was a bit sad for me not to have Milly but Gemma certainly makes up for it in personality.